Lost in your arms

ONE DIRECTION FANFIC Its about a girl called " marie soto " who was a famous singer worldwide but she was different . She has a secret nobody can know . But what if one boy came in her life and chage everything . Read it to find about marie and this boy more :) mature contenent +13 , sexual contenent .


2. meeting him for the first time

 It was a nomal day in london , i was walking in the streets signing autographs and taking pictures with my fans when i see alot of people surronding someone at first i tought it was a fight but when i get closer i saw a boy taking pictures and signing autographs , i was about to leave but everybody start surounding me too so i back away a little but i push someone i turn around to say sorry and it was the boy who was doing the same i say sorry and start taking picures with fans , i call security to pick me up but i glance back to see the boy tired , i decide to tell him if he need ride to go somewhere . i walk back and tap on his shoulder , he look at me and smille . ' what do you need love ? ' he ask i smille back and say ' i was wondering if u need a ride my security is coming so i was wondering if u need a ride ? ' he look at me and smille ' well thaks i relly need to head back home ' i nooded and say ' im Marie Soto nice to meet you ' i streach my hand and he grab it ' nice to meet you im Harry by the way love ' i smille and take my iphone out to see a messege from my security men saying they were in the back of the park i text back saying ' be right there got someone with me ' i send it and look at the boy who was looking at me up and down . i smille and say ' they are here we gotta go ' i turn around and start walking i smille and wave at some fans and keep walking . we finallly reach my security car and get in he say ' soo who are you / i mean i saw u with fans and all that ' i smirck and look at him i say ' im Marie a singer i was the one who sing in the kids choice adwards ' he look confuse and i say ' i love you like a love song baby ' he look at me and smille ' and who are you ' he look at me and say ' im harry styles from one direction i tough u know me ' . i smille and say ' actually i have hear about the band but no too much . he look at me and say ' you sem nice i will like to meet you more can i have ur number ? ; i nodded and we exchange number . he look at me and smille ' well thanks for the ride but i have to go is okay if i stop here i left my car here ' i smille and nodded i told the security men who drives to stop and wave bye too harry ' nice to meet you love ' he say before he get out of the car . i went home thinking about him but i decide to not fall for him , i cant . ( sorry for my vocabulary i may no now how to wirte some words :( hope you like it coment what u  think thaks for reading )

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