Lost in your arms

ONE DIRECTION FANFIC Its about a girl called " marie soto " who was a famous singer worldwide but she was different . She has a secret nobody can know . But what if one boy came in her life and chage everything . Read it to find about marie and this boy more :) mature contenent +13 , sexual contenent .


3. Meeting Harry and the Boys!!

 I  was finishing my hair for a concert when an idea popped into my head. I decided  to invite Harry to the concert . i text him 'hey harry is Marie i tought that maybe you will like to come to my concert and then we can go get something to eat and know eachother more' HARRY PROV i was in my house with the lads hanging out when my phone vibrate in my pocket , i pull my phone out and look at my phone , i read the text and  smille ' well how can i deny someone so beautiful ,  i will love to see you again xx <3' i send the text and look at the boys who were already looking at me , i sight knowing they will like to know , ' who was that  that make you smille so big ' louis says ' i wasent smilling that big ' i say trying to deny it ' please harry we know you more than youself ' zayn said i blushed and look at the ground ' well ' liam said . ' okay okay i tell you yesterday i was in the park when i meet Marie Soto , she is a singer so she was meeting fans too soo when she was about to leave she give me ride to my car that i lef it close to here , we exchage numbers and she just text me saying if i want to go to her concer tonight ' i say smilling . ' wel i think we need to get ready' louis say , i look at him confused until i getit ' no no no you cant go ' i say ' come one hazza we wanna meet her ' niall say ' okay but if you ruin everything i kill you guys' they smille and went to get ready. MARIE PROV i was putting my dress when i phone vibrate ' well how can i deny someone so beautiful , i will  love to see you again xx <3' i smille and text back ' well thank you handsome' i send it and get ready to go. HARRY PROV  i finish getting ready and was waiting for the boys in the livng room when i recive a text  ' well thank you handsome' i smille  knowing it was marie . ' well see ya later love xxx ;) ' i text back. they boys and i get in the car and drove to the concert. i saw marie and i felt butterflies , i think i love her , i didnt realise i stop walking to see her up and down. the boys were looking at me confused so i start walking again . MARIE PROV  i heard someone calling my name i turn around and see 5 boys lloking at me, i reconize harry and smille' hello im marie ' i say waving . they smille and say ' hello ' at the same time , ' im louis' a boy with expensers, ' im zayn ' a look of badboy say' im niall' a boy with blond hair and a irish accent ' im  liam ' a boy really formal say ' .i smille and wave again 'i didnt know you were coming with friends ' i say smilling ' well they want to meet you soo i think it will be a good idea ' i nodded and was called to start the concert ' well see ya later gotta go ' good luck  ' they all say in  unision. ' thanks'  say and went on stage . HARRY PROV ' she is HOT ' niall say ' stay away she is mine blonde hair boy ' 'will see'.. ( hope you guys like it i try my best coment what you think xx love <3 )

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