Lost in your arms

ONE DIRECTION FANFIC Its about a girl called " marie soto " who was a famous singer worldwide but she was different . She has a secret nobody can know . But what if one boy came in her life and chage everything . Read it to find about marie and this boy more :) mature contenent +13 , sexual contenent .


5. Concert Time


 Marie's POV

 I was backstage getting ready to go on stage. I was even more nervous now knowing that Harry's friends were here. " 2 MINUTES!" Someone yelled. I looked in the mirror and sighed. Almost time. I fixed my hair a little bit and smacked my lips together. "Marie?"I turned around and saw my choregrapher Janet standing in the doorway, running her fingers across the paint torn off on the door frame. "Yeah?" I asked walking  towards her. "You remember everything?" " Yeah I'm good, just a little nerves." She smiled and grabbed my hands pulling me to the side entrance of the stage. I could hear the thousands of people yelling and screaming and crying. I took my ear covers out of my pocket and placed them deep into my ears trying to block out the loud booming noises. I hugged Janet and she nodded reasuringly before I was pushed onto the stage. I ran out waving and smiling as big as ever.

Flashes everywhere just exploded. I felt blind. The screams just got louder. I walked to the middle of the stage and looked down at my feet. When the screams went down a little bit I looked up and yelled "HELLO! HOW IS EVERYONE?!" Screams erupted and I laughed loudly while whiping my sweaty hands on the pockets of my jeans. "OKAY SO I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR COMING OUT AND SUPPORTING ME TONIGHT IT REALLY MEANS A LOT!" Flashes blinded me again and I looked behind me at the band and nodded my head, they grabbed their instuments and gor ready. "YEAH!!! SO IF YOU KNOW THIS SONG OF MINE PLEASE SING ALONG AS LOUD AS YOU CAN!!" The music started and I belted out the lyrics like they were naturally wired to me. Cheers were everywhere and I heard almost the enntire crowd singing along with me. It was amazing.


She walked out on stage and looked as beautiful as ever. My eyes scanned her as she talked. She was gorgeous! I noticed the other boys looking at her with lust filled eyes as well. I snickered and turned back and looked at her. All of a sudden the band started playing and she went along with them singing as beautiful as ever. She had one of the best voices I have ever heard. It was amazing!

We were sitting in the front row so we got a good view of her...and the band of course!

The whole crowd was singing with her.

I whistled loudly and Niall yelled and Liam put a flash light int the air, Louis and Zayn were to stunned to do anything so they just clapped.


*5 hours later*


I walked off stage pnting for breathe. All of a sudden a water bottle was shoved in my face and I took it and downed half the bottle. I looked up and saw Harry standing there smiling. " You know, that was mine." He said playfully. I laughed and pushed his shoulder walking on behind him. I walked into my dressing room and closed the door...but it opened back up and a smirking Harry was standing in the doorway. " Hey! Sorry I was just tired." I said. He chuckled and came and sat in a chair next to me. "It's okay, I know the feeling. And I was going to drink that just so you know." He laughed and I slapped his arm.  "Hey now, watch out I'm a boy! I'm stronger!" He chuckled. I slapped his arm again but this time he caught it and pulled me out of my chair. I tugged my arm back and sat back down. " Get another drink Styles!" I laughed out. " No I wanted that one." He pouted. " Too bad cry baby." He opened the water bottle and smiled cheekily while tipping it towards me. " NO DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" I yelled while pointing a finger at him. He laughed slowly and then SPLASH I was covered in water. "HARRY! YOU GOT ME SO WET!!" I yelled angrily but also laughing a little. He burst out laughing and I heard the muffled laughter of the other boys in the doorway. I snapped my head in that direction and saw all of the other little trouble makers smirking. " He does like to do that to girls!" Louis said laughing. OHHHHH now I get it hehehe. I started laughing hysterically and Harry ran up and grabbed my waist. I slapped his hands away and giggled. " No no no, I'm not one of those girls you can manipulate now, and you DID get me wet...with water." He made a puppy face and grabbed my hand while kissing my knuckles. He let go of my hand and it slowly dropped down back to my side. " AWKWARD!" Niall yelled. I saw Liam grab the boys and pull them out of the room followed by their loud laughter. I blushed and looked down at my feet.

He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his hot breathe down the back of my neck. He got closer to my ear and sais seductively " Later then." then he let go and winked at me. He chuckled and walked out of the room leaving me dazed and alone with my thoughts. I didn't want to think that much about it though so I just brushed it off. But I couldn't help but feel something. Even though it was small.

A love.



(Written by Co-Author! :))

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