the day i lost her

Niall Horan and Eva were dating until Niall was crushing on the new girl it was over


2. Zayn is not sorry

Zayn never talked to me ever since I found out he was dating Eva he wrote a note saying sorry niall but I know he's not zayn loves her way to much but she was mine until that new girl came but the new girl thinks we're dating now we are never going to date Eva is the one I'm trying to get but she hates me or does she all I know is she is over me she could be useing him but I doubt that I'm the oddball of 1D I never get the girls trust me Harry is the one with the most cute girls like hope she was hot but she left him cause he wouldn't stop saying love you Taylor I wish Harry would give me her number but I found her holding hands with Louis at the mall "great fans"I moaned "Niall!"fans screamed and I ran in I can't take it I need Eva now she's still the one and nobody compares to her

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