My Bully; Harry Styles (Not Famous)

Amber Payne is Liam Payne's little sister. She is 15 years old and is in the same grade as one of Liam's best friends, Harry Styles... or should I say, her bully. Harry has been bullying her for about 5 years, and they used to be best friends untill the 5th grade when Amber did something wrong. Ever since than, he has bullied her in every way known to man. He has insult her, hit her and cyber-bullied her. No one knows about this except for Amber, Harry and his girlfriend Melissa. She also bullys Amber, she has ever since Harry started. Is Melissa the reason Harry is so mean to her? Will Harry see what he is doing and stop? And if he does will he save her in the end? Find out in 'My Bully; Harry Styles'!
P.S. Amber has vary bad luck with the number 5 if you didn't notice :)


15. NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa's P.O.V.

so he thinks that he can just break up with me like that!? over the phone!? me!? yeah, I don't think so!!! ...OMG!!! its amber! I always knew he had a thing for her! and now he has made his move. damn I thought I ruined that chance a long time ago. well I know how much amber hates to be the center of attention and how much her friends mean to her. and how they hate harry. so if everyone knows about it... then they have no chose but to break up and harry will come right back to me.

Ambers P.O.V.

its been 5 days sense harry and I started dating and im freaking out. every time there is a 5 involved in my life something really bad happens.

"amber im headed of to school! harry will be here in 5!"

"alright Liam."

I finish getting ready and ran down stairs. harry was on the couch playing with his phone. I cleared my throat and he looked up. his jaw dropped.

it was finally getting nice out so I had decided to ware a light pink flowy dress with a brown belt around it just under my chest. I had my hair up in a messy bun and small diamond earrings. I had painted my finger nails and toe nails also a light pink and had white sandals.

harry stood up and walked over to me placing his hands on my waist. "you look... amazing!" he smiled widely be fore placing a soft kiss on my lips. I blushed and turned my head to the ground. harry put his two fingers under my chin just like he did 5 days ago when we started dating. he lifted my head and kissed me passionately. when he pulled away he moved to the crock of my neck and laid his head there and whispered "you are so beautiful!" I didn't want this to end but sadly we still had school.


we arrived at school and harry open my door. I got out and everyone was staring at me.

"its because your so beautiful!" harry whispered in my ear.


we walked to the door and we saw Nic and Helena waiting for me in their usual spot. Helena walked up to us before harry could walk away.

"what the hell! I thought you hated him! I thought you hated her you dick!! how could you do this! I thought we were best friends! well I guess not!" Helena yelled in our faces. I was tired of this shit!

"what the hell are you talking about!? why am I the bad one here!? your the one who is always bitchy and has a problem with everyone who is breathing!" I was beyond pissed now. I couldn't handle it anymore and slapped her across the face. she stared back at me in shock holding her cheek. i didnt move. i was pissed and i wasnt sorry. 

"you little bitch!" she screamed before jumping om me. that was a mistake. because unlike her i was tall. tough and i could fight! she jumped and i jjust stepped back. she got up and throw a punch, it hit my cheek. i throw one back and nailed her in the gut. and it went on for a minute untill harry pulled me off of her and nic held her back. 

"and by the way, i was talking about you and harry! i know you dating! everyone knows your dating! almost the whole town knows!" i felt my heart sink. i just stood there everyone standing around the four of us. i could hear whispering. i felt like i was going to be sick. i ran away from them. pushing my way through the crowd. i ran to the girls bathroom. i ran to the farthest stall in the bathroom fell to the floor and cried. this cant be happening! anything but this! anything! my life is over!!!!!!!!!!!


A/N hey guys how you like the chapter! sorry is thing are spelt wrong. please like and comment what you think! thank you, love you guys!!! <3 

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