My Bully; Harry Styles (Not Famous)

Amber Payne is Liam Payne's little sister. She is 15 years old and is in the same grade as one of Liam's best friends, Harry Styles... or should I say, her bully. Harry has been bullying her for about 5 years, and they used to be best friends untill the 5th grade when Amber did something wrong. Ever since than, he has bullied her in every way known to man. He has insult her, hit her and cyber-bullied her. No one knows about this except for Amber, Harry and his girlfriend Melissa. She also bullys Amber, she has ever since Harry started. Is Melissa the reason Harry is so mean to her? Will Harry see what he is doing and stop? And if he does will he save her in the end? Find out in 'My Bully; Harry Styles'!
P.S. Amber has vary bad luck with the number 5 if you didn't notice :)


6. dark

i finished my food first and ran up stairs to call helena. ~call~ "hey amber wazzup?" "nothing just spazing!" why? what happened?" "its harry! he is driving me to school and home for the rest of the year this is bad!" (oh and the only reason helena and nic hate harry is because he is a total ass to EVERYONE!!!!!) "OMG WHY? you are fine walking home! why does that ass have to drive you?" "liam says it will be good so i dont fall and hurt myself like i always do. but id rather fall then ride in the same car as him! and ill just find a way to hurt myself anyway its me thats what i do!" "omg i cant believe it! well ill try and think of something but for right now just keep texting me the whole ride. tell me if he is an ass and if i have to kick his! oh and tell me where he parks so i can come and get you!" "thank you soo much helena!!!" ~end call~ i hate keeping this from her but harry said if i told anyone he would hurt them too. i cant let that happen. i turned around to go back down stairs when i saw harry standing there with the door closed! he was gonna beat me right here! he wouldnt, not with liam around! would he? "hey babe why so tense? he asked "DONT CALL ME THAT!!! IM NOT THAT!!! WHY DONT YOU GO SAY IT TO YOUR SLUTY GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i yelled. liam must not be home he left for school. great im dead. harry got real read. you could see the steem coming out of his nose. "you little bitch!!!!!!!!!" he slaped me "you take that back!" he yelled. i was not putting up with this to day!!! "NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT TAKE IT BACK, HAVE YOU EVEN LOOKED AT HER!?!?!? SHE WARES NOTHING BUT TINY SKIMPY CLOTHS!!!! OH WAIT THAT IS THE ONLY REASON YOU ARE WITH HER!!! SHE IS SOO EASY!!!! SHES PROBABLY SLEPPED WITH EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I MEAN EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!" he was pissed off to no end. he raise his fist in the air... that when everything went dark!

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