My Bully; Harry Styles (Not Famous)

Amber Payne is Liam Payne's little sister. She is 15 years old and is in the same grade as one of Liam's best friends, Harry Styles... or should I say, her bully. Harry has been bullying her for about 5 years, and they used to be best friends untill the 5th grade when Amber did something wrong. Ever since than, he has bullied her in every way known to man. He has insult her, hit her and cyber-bullied her. No one knows about this except for Amber, Harry and his girlfriend Melissa. She also bullys Amber, she has ever since Harry started. Is Melissa the reason Harry is so mean to her? Will Harry see what he is doing and stop? And if he does will he save her in the end? Find out in 'My Bully; Harry Styles'!
P.S. Amber has vary bad luck with the number 5 if you didn't notice :)


23. 2 years

*2 years later* 

Amber's P.O.V. 

It's been almost 2 years sence that night helena found me. life is different but it goes and harry are stonger then ever. we are engaged now. me and melissa are now pretty good friends after she told me why she hated me. she told me it was because harry had fallen for me and not her when we were younger. her and nic are now dating, too. their getting pretty serious. they make a real cute couple. and me and helena are friends again. her and liam are dating... wait, no, engaged. yeah, just the other day liam perposed. ive also move out of the house with liam and moved in with harry. helena moved in with liam and melissa with nic. 

"Amber, we have to go! Liam and Helena are waiting outside and we still need to go pick up nic and melissa!" harry called from down the stairs. 

"alright, harry i'll be down in a bit, love! i called back. "wait harry, what about the boys?"

"their meeting us at the club!" he called and i could tell he had a checky smile on.

well i guess this is my last entry. and i hope one day my story will be the story people tell about true love and blis. 

P.S. and did i mention about three new friends harry made. their real good looking. i'm going to leave you to ponder on that thought. 

~ Amber <3 


A/N i really hope you guys liked reading this movella. again first one ever and thank you so much for all the love on it! this is the last chapter so well, thats it. :) :'( thanks again!


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