Gotta find you

16 year old Haley is living a not so fabulous life. Ever since her mum died her dad has been beating her. What happends when two certain twins save her and turn her world around from a new prospective. Until her dad returns


3. Stay

I must of fallen asleep in the car while on our way to their place. I woke right when my body felt weightless and heard talking. "Oh love sorry to wake you. We're here though as well." Finn said carrying me. Jack was getting something out of the trunk, my suitcase? I didn't bring a suitcase because I didn't know any of this would ever happen. "Hope you don't mind Haley, but after we put you in the car we went back in to get some of your clothes and such." I shook my head and thanked them.Finn opened the door to their flat and walked inside. I stepped in as well and was astonished. This home was amazing. There was a staircase that whirled its way around and up leading to probably their bedrooms. And the walls were a magnificent colour of white and it was just seemed cozy. Jack stepped in carrying my luggage and told me to follow him upstairs. "Jack. Thank you for bringing me here but I think I should get going. I need to find a job so I can support myself and live on my own." I turned to walk out the door but my wrist was pulled back gently. "No Haley! You can stay here! We'll be here if anything happens and we have a guest room. You're not a bother. Just stay." Jack begged while he looked into my eyes. I sighed," if I do stay I have to pay half the rent and the utilities and food. I don't want to take anything more away from you." He laughed," Haley don't worry. We can handle it. I promise. You'll be okay here." Then he continuted to carry my bags upstairs. Finn called my name from the kitchen and walked out just I started to walk towards him. He hit me with the revolving kitchen door and I fell back. "Oh gosh! Haley are you okay? I'm sorry." I laughed and took his outstretched hand to help me up. "I wanted to know if you were hungry or something." I wasn't really hungry thinking about all the things today but they would probably make me eat so I said yes. He decided to make tacos for dinner. I went upstairs to check on Jack and I saw him sitting on his bed playing ukulele. The door was cracked so I opened it a bit and listened to him play. He was fantastic! I closed the door more and that's when he must of heard me. "Haley?" He said and opened his door. "You can come in I was just playing" he said holding up his ukulele. "I heard you. You sound really good jack." I said blushing. He thanked me just as Finn yelled out "DINNER!" We both walked downstairs and sat at the table. After dinner, which was great, I headed up to bed. I couldn't believe I was as tired as I was. I laid down in bed and turned off the lamp. Today has been a very strange day, but I made two new friends.  

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