Gotta find you

16 year old Haley is living a not so fabulous life. Ever since her mum died her dad has been beating her. What happends when two certain twins save her and turn her world around from a new prospective. Until her dad returns


1. Introduction to people


Haley Braxton- Blonde blue eyed 16 yea old that is 5'5 

Jack Harries- Twin- brown haired green/hazel eyed about 6'2 and is 17

Finn Harries- Jacks twin- same features 

Samantha Woll- Haley's best and only true friend- 16 years old and is brown haired green eyed and is 5'4

Reed Braxton- Haley's abusive father 

Garrett Woll- Samantha's older brother and Haley's ex 


So here's my new story! It's about JacksGap from YouTube so check them out. Ill try and update this one so enjoy! 

Also guest appearances from: 

Marcus Butler

Casper Lee

Alfie Deys

Tyler Oakley 


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