Gotta find you

16 year old Haley is living a not so fabulous life. Ever since her mum died her dad has been beating her. What happends when two certain twins save her and turn her world around from a new prospective. Until her dad returns


2. Finally Away

Haley's POV 

I was walking home from Sam's house when I realized that I was an hour and a half past my outside time. That's what my so called dad calls my curfew. I ran home as fat as I could to relive myself from any other time that I'm going to be late. As I stepped into the door I was immediately stopped by him. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HALEY!?" He screamed into my face while I smelt the strong smell of alcohol on his breath. "ANSWER ME YOU BITCH!" He said picking me up and tossing me against the wall hard. I whimpered and told him I was at Sam's. "SAM? THAT BITCH MADE YOU LATE? WELL LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE GETTING IT BAAAD TONIGHT!" He came over to me and punched me in the gut and thigh. I screamed out in pain and added a help in there too. He just laugh and continued to beat me. I was able to push him off of me for a half of a second and I took a break for it outside. He tackled me into the grass and continued to punch me. I screamed and cried and wiggled around until suddenly my dad was ripped off of me and tackled back a few feet away. In awe, I stood up only to be too weak to hold myself up and run and fell over. As I was waiting for the hard contact with the ground I was caught into someone's arms. I turned around to see a guy, no older than 18, hold me and pull me against his chest and backed away. I looked away from him and gasped as I saw my horrible, drunk father beaten and passed out in the grass. Another man was kneeling by him making sure he was out cold. He stood up and turned around. I saw the same face as the man holding me up. He came down next to me and hugged me. "Love! Are you alright? Did he hurt you bad? Do you need a medic?" I was shocked and immediately terrified so I back away from both of them and curled into a ball. They exchanged glances and came slowly towards me. "Hi um Haley is it? I'm jack and this is my twin brother Finn. We aren't going to hurt you I promise. Just come towards us." I was confused on what to do but I came closer anyway. " H-H-Hi. I'm Haley." I said. They laughed and nodded, "we know. We heard him scream your name. So are you okay?" I nodded and sat up. "Love? Would you like to come home to our flat and get cleaned up and tell us about this?" I was able to mumble out a "sure" and I was picked up bridal style and gently sat into a Jeep. We then drove off leavening my dad still passed out in the yard.  

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