Gotta find you

16 year old Haley is living a not so fabulous life. Ever since her mum died her dad has been beating her. What happends when two certain twins save her and turn her world around from a new prospective. Until her dad returns


4. Do I feel this way?

I woke up the next morning smelling food. I glanced at my phones clock to see what time it was when it wouldn't turn on. I must have dropped it while I rolled in the yard beneath my father. Thinking of him made me cry because I remeber when mum was alive and he was the best father a girl could dream of. He bought me clothes and my phone and took me to school every day. As I reminisced and cried, I hadn't noticed that Finn and Jack had walked in and was sitting on both sides of me. "Hal, it'll be okay. Just forget him." Jack told me hugging me tightly. How did he know I was thinking about my family? I thanked both of them for being here for me and they just nodded. "No problem HAY-LEE." Finn said in the worst American accent I have ever heard. He was clearly trying to cheer me up. I couldn't help but grin and laugh. "Finn, that is the worst American accent in the history of Brits doing American accents." Jack asked, trying to sound serious but couldn't help but smile. Finn stood up quickly and pretended to be affended, and ran out fake crying. Jack and I started to cry from all the laughing we were doing. I couldn't stop! Once we settled down, Jace noticed my phone on the side table. "You have a phone Hal? And you didn't even ask for my number?" He said looking at me with big puppy dog eyes. "It doesn't work anymore." I shrugged at him. He immediately rose (like Finn did) and pulled me down stairs. " Jack! Slow down! You always seem to pull me places!" I shiek at him. He lets go of my wrist and looks at me. He comes close to my face. He's inches away and I close my eyes not sure what's coming next. He then whispers, "Sorry." Then he pulled away and skipped down the rest of the stairs like nothing happend. I would've done the same, but I felt something. I felt fireworks and bombs and explosions and butterflies and so many other feelings all at once. I then realized what was going on. I was starting to fancy Jack Harries.

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