1D Kidnapped Me

Bradie is a 17 year old girl who HATE'S One Direction. She also has alot of problems: She's and alcoholic, Has a lot of sex, And gets detention...A lot. But when she is kidnapped, everything changes, her thoughts, her life just everything.


2. About Me

My name is Bradie Chattfur. I am 19 years old and live in London. Heres my story. When I was 5, my parents were murdered and me and my sisters Cj and Alana have seperated since then. I live in my flat all by myself. My best friends name is Brittney Taylor. We may be bestfriends, but we are totaly different but, the biggest difference we have is that she loves One Direction but me on the other hand don't give a shit about them. I would rather eat dirt than meet them. I also have alot of sex, drink almost everyday, and party all day and night where she dose have sex but not as much as me. She also dosen't drink or party much. I acttctually know how we are friends. i don't like being in relationships because I don't want to settle down for any guy I want to be young and free. Well I guess thats all you need to know about me.

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