Have you ever had so much power you didn't know what to do with it? Well she did. She was the daughter of Superman and Wonderwoman. Villains knew of her existence, but not her identity. To them she was Ivory- the hero that vanished- they can't track her down, it's impossible. She disappears before they get the chance. Her real name is Julissa Sparks, her power? Well you can say that she has every power. She just has to say the word or think of the power she wants, and then it's hers. No one knows about her powers, not even my bestfriend Louis. Her parents don't live with her. They say its too much of a risk, but she thinks just being alive is a risk.


5. Meet the Others

*Authors Note: Sorry this part will be a bit more informative than entertaining, but it is very important to the plot of the story so please bear with me on this one* 


"Would everyone come sit at the table in the center of the room and join us for orientation." My daddy's voice thundered through the room quieting all of this generations heroes and getting us to come sit at the round table he was referring to. Once we were all seated he spoke again, "Now you will state your superhero name, your power(s), your parents and your real names. If your wearing a mask take it off once it gets to your turn. If you don't wear a mask, you should tell us why. Now you may begin." He instructed before leaning against the rail that protected the second story of the buildings opening in the floor. We all stayed quiet, for what felt like ages, before someone spoke. "I-uh-I'm The Payne, I guess, my power is mind reading, and I also have various weapons my dad and I have invented. My real names Liam and my dad is Batman." His voice trailed off as he reached for his face, removing the black mask he was wearing. It matched well with his all black suit, cape, and weapons belt. He was very handsome, the edges of his jaw were soft and his eyes big and innocent, a beautiful face that seemed to match a beautiful personality. I can see why my parents had wanted me to like him. He let out a soft cough breaking me from my thoughts, "well thank you," he mumbled his cheeks turning a light shade of pink. Clearly he had gotten some, not so secret, compliments from various girls in the room. "So uh, can I go next?" A raspy voice from across the table now had my attention, "Erm..anyways my name is Haz, I have super strength, my dad is the Hulk, except I actually stay human." he joked, "Anyways my real name is Harry and I don't wear a mask because its not like anyone's going to try and fight me if they see me out on the street." He chuckled, probably at the thought of him using his powers in the public eye. He didn't have much of a "superhero outfit" on, he didn't wear much at all actually. Harry didn't have a shirt, but he did wear a pair of green gym-type shorts with a pair of matching green shoes, simple was clearly his goal. But there was no time to focus on that because the next person was already beginning. "Hey I'm Jade, my parents are Black Widow and Hawk Eye, I don't have any powers but I have been trained since a toddler by two master assassins. You do the math, I'm pretty deadly," she smirked looking around the room through her mask, "But anyways, my real name is Rachelle and that's about it." She smiled reaching for the mask she was wearing, it was a bright red, matching her lips and her sleek black one piece outfit. She resembled her mother a lot, hair color included. "I'm next." A confident voice spoke quickly making our heads turn to him, he smirked. "I'm Zayn and I don't have any little superhero name, just Zayn. I have super sonic screams and I kick ass, my dads Iron Man and when I'm fighting I have my own suit that I designed with him." He introduced himself quickly and confidently, there was no doubt he was Iron Man's son. At the moment he was in normal clothes, but I assumed his super suit was nothing to mess with. "My turn." A voice squeaked from the other side of the table. "I'm Cyclone, my dad is Wolverine and my mom is Storm. I have the powers to control the weather and my real name is Sarah." She smiled before taking off her silver mask. She was wearing a dark blue suit, it was long sleeved and it had random silver designs on one of her arms and legs, her boots and gloves the same silver color. Though we didn't get much time to really examine everyone in between introductions. "Why don't you go next Niall." A voice from above us said, it had been Thor who spoke, probably his own dad. "Fine." I turned to the direction of the voice that answered back and watched him prop his head on his elbow before speaking. "I'm Niall, but my hero name is Ni and I can control lightning, and as you may have guessed my dad is Thor. I don't wear a mask because I don't like them." He rushed through the introduction quickly, probably embarrassed from his dad picking at him. Niall's outfit was very similar to his dad's actually it was basically the same with a few minor changes and without a cape and hammer; and he had a pair of metal braces on his wrist. I figured they were to keep his powers under control, but it wasn't anything that concerned me anyways. "I call next." A girl in a strapless outfit said, her suit was strapless, black and form fitting on the top, the bottom half was flared out and a bit on the poofy side. Also black it was divided by a hot pink belt and she had hot pink boot and mask to go with it. "I'm Shadow, but my real name is Roxy, I have ice powers as well as invisibility and force field powers. My dad is Spider-Man and um that's about it." She removed her mask reveling an innocent face to match her innocent sounding voice. I waited for the next person to speak, soon finding out it was the girl next to me. She wore a purple outfit that almost looked to be pixilated with purple and black squares, it was a high-low cut suit that fit her loosely up top, but it seemed to be her style. "Hey I'm Pixel, my dad is the Human Torch, he kind of gave me my name because of my powers; which are mind control, memory manipulation, the ability to locate someone mentally and the ability to know the past about my object I touch! My names Jazlyn and I don't wear mask because my dad said I didn't have to." She finished her introduction as enthusiastically as she had started it. I looked around and noticed Zayn staring at her intently, maybe even hiding a small smile as well. Then I noticed it was my turn, something I hadn't anticipated for a while but I guess time flies, the other super heroes' kids were too young to start orientation anyways. So I began my limited introduction, stating my names and trying to explain how I had the power to summon every power just by asking for it. I removed my mask and that was the end of the introductions.

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