Have you ever had so much power you didn't know what to do with it? Well she did. She was the daughter of Superman and Wonderwoman. Villains knew of her existence, but not her identity. To them she was Ivory- the hero that vanished- they can't track her down, it's impossible. She disappears before they get the chance. Her real name is Julissa Sparks, her power? Well you can say that she has every power. She just has to say the word or think of the power she wants, and then it's hers. No one knows about her powers, not even my bestfriend Louis. Her parents don't live with her. They say its too much of a risk, but she thinks just being alive is a risk.


3. Look For the Signs

*Julissa's POV* I looked down at the text I had just received from Louis. "Are you ready? Lets go!" Was all that it said. Louis was very fun loving and loud, a true kid at heart, but sometimes he had his days where he would be serious. Never showing his emotion on those days, and at times when he told me what he was thinking it was as if he had pure evil in his mind. But as scary as he seemed on those days he was my best friend, one of the only people I would consider dating, although I tried to stay away from dating because it would be too dangerous for a guy, he was the only one I could actually see myself with. I was broken from my thoughts by another text, it was now that I realized I had completely forgotten about Louis and what I had been doing, my mother often told me that was a problem except I never experienced it when I was out fighting the villains. Snapping out of my thoughts again I walked outside not even checking the text, Louis was always sitting on my porch, he had three odd swift cuts across the left side of his neck. "Louis what happened to you?!" I asked shocked trying to examine his neck as he stood up. He always got the weirdest injuries, as usual he chuckled at my reaction before adjusting his neck so I could get a better look at the cut, I never would expect a person leading a normal life could get these types of cuts. "Oh this? I was shaving and the razor slipped." He finally answered me, probably in an attempt to get my face away from his neck. "Three times?!" I questioned his obvious lie. "Yeah I was a tad but shaky this morning, do you have that stuff that you put on cuts?" He asked avoiding major details of his 'accident'. I didn't believe his lie, not only was he bad at lying, but I knew his hands were much too steady for the razor to slip once let alone three times. He was hiding something, but I ignored it because I understood more than anyone that some things just had to be kept secret. I brought my attention back to him, finally nodding I response to his question, walking back inside to get the "healing lotion" Louis was referring to. As I headed back towards the door I thought, probably my most used power, "give me the power to heal what I touch". Letting the power spread through me as I reached Louis once again. His face lit up when he saw the small green tube that contained petroleum jelly, I put some on my finger and approached his neck. "Hold still this might sting a little." I warned him before letting my skin touch his, which would dramatically increase the healing rate of his body. I felt his teeth clench from the pain that my powers give before starting their process, I finished rubbing in the slimy substance leaving his neck with just three faint lines in replace of the three gashes he had before. "Thank you." He simply said as I turned to go put the "medicine" back inside my house. He didn't know that I had powers and at the time it was better that way. I let my powers leave me and walked back out to Louis, locking up my house this time. "Julissa, it's 7:52 we need to leave NOW." He said worriedly, our Uni instructors were pretty harsh about being late. "Give me the power to control time" I thought to myself before waving my hand over the phone in m pocket knowing that should do it. "Are you sure it's not 7:25? Maybe you miss read it." I questioned trying to hide the smirk from my lips. "I have good eyes but ok," he checked the time again looking at his phone shocked, "I guess I was wrong, as a prize for being right you win a Louis hug!" He said excitedly, extending his arms for me. I gladly walked into them, returning his grip on me, his hugs were the best. I didn't really feel safe in his arms, but I felt warm and loved. We let go of each other at the same time and began to walk towards my car. I felt a warm grasp on my hand, I looked down and Louis' hand held a few of my fingers. I didn't question his actions, he always did random stuff like that, I loved that about him. He was the only normality in my crazy life, I knew I could meet the other heroes my age but I didn't really want to. Thinking about it now, I have never truly met them, I've saved a few from, my worst enemy, Tommo but I ha never interacted with them. There was something familiar about Tommo, yet he was so different from other villains. My thoughts were interrupted by snapping fingers. "Julissa? Julissa? Jules? J-Dawg?!" He said naming random nicknames he had just came up with to get my attention. "Oh! Sorry LouBear I was thinking about something, but what is it?" I asked coming back to reality. "Oh I was just, you know spilling my heat out to you when yo started ignoring me!" He mocked crossing his arms over his chest, giving a fake pout. "Ok sorry Lou, start again what were you telling me?" I said in a fake baby voice making him look into my eyes. "I'm not telling you, your just going to have to wait until after I get home from football(soccer) practice." He said devilishly smirking at me. I scoffed as rolled my eyes before walking over to the drivers side of my Mini Cooper and unlocking the doors. One day the car just showed up on my drive way, no doubt my daddy had bought it for me knowing my birthday had been around that time. The note he left said it be best for me to be driving places, except I preferred to walk if I was being honest. Louis got into the passenger side, as I drove us to Uni, we got there just on time too. It was quite a boring day, all we did was a few exams and notes. When I finally got to go home I went alone since Louis had to stay for practice, so I was alone for the afternoon. I decided I should go to my lab and see if daddy had sent me anything. I entered my closet, finding the spot in my rug that had an outline of a aware cut into it, I lifted the carpet and opened the small metal door to enter my lab. I made sure to suit up first though, my suit included a red top, dark blue skirt and dark blue boots with a mask. Walking over to the large computer screen I checked to see if there were any messages. There was one from Superman, he couldn't really sign it "daddy". I opened the letter, reading every word, but only the last sentence stood out to me "You will get to meet heroes your age, the ones you will be fighting crime with; we expect you at the Sanctuary by sunset..." I closed the message and checked the time. It was time to meet the others, but first I had to know what Louis wanted to say earlier.

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