Have you ever had so much power you didn't know what to do with it? Well she did. She was the daughter of Superman and Wonderwoman. Villains knew of her existence, but not her identity. To them she was Ivory- the hero that vanished- they can't track her down, it's impossible. She disappears before they get the chance. Her real name is Julissa Sparks, her power? Well you can say that she has every power. She just has to say the word or think of the power she wants, and then it's hers. No one knows about her powers, not even my bestfriend Louis. Her parents don't live with her. They say its too much of a risk, but she thinks just being alive is a risk.


2. Listen Louis, Daddy Knows Best

*Louis' POV* 
I woke up, it was about 6:15, like always my alarm was my dad's constant screaming. My dad wasn't like most parents, he was different, he was a villain. My dad was Lex Luther, I was his evil little prodigy and he was up, yelling about Superman's daughter again. Every day, today being no exception, he claimed once more that he had discovered who Superman's daughter was. Last night, his theory got my neck scratched and bruises everywhere; I'm used to it but usually these girls don't put up that much of a fight. My father had sent me to dispose of her, turns out she was the Flash's daughter, Lightning. I could tell though, her speed powers gave it away. Don't get me wrong though, I did her bad, I don't think she'll be running on railroad tracks again, well she won't be running at all anymore. I think it's pretty much impossible, you know, to run while your six feet in the ground. That added another kill to my list, another life taken, one less problem I had to deal with. So far my list of accomplishments, as my father calls it, consists of; Batman's youngest daughter, Mr. And Mrs. Fantastics son, the Green Lanterns son, oh and I almost forgot the Captain America twins. None of them were a match for my powers, being the son of a villain I inherited more than one super ability, even if my dad didn't have them. My list of powers included heat vision, telechanesis, and shapeshifting. Lex considered me the perfect villain, but I wasn't always proud of what I did like he expected me to, sometimes I wondered, do I really have to do all of this evil stuff? Or did I have good inside of me, but then I always ended up in the same mind set afterwards: why should I even consider doing good, when I have all these insane abilities, I can control all if I wanted to. But I broke from my thoughts deciding I should start with my morning schedule, I got up and went to my bathroom, looking myself over in the mirror; my eyes were bloodshot, and my neck had dry blood stains from the scratches I had gotten last night. I took off my "ensemble" that I had fallen asleep in last night after I got home from "work" and jumped in the shower. I washed the dry blood away, cleaning the wound a bit, unfortunately it still hurt too much to do anything else. When I finished with my shower I dried myself off and wrapped a towel around my waist before brushing my teeth and doing my hair. I pulled on a pair of grey trousers and a navy blue t-shirt, I clipped on a pair of suspenders and slipped on my shoes. I tried to keep my look for Uni more clean cut and unsuspecting, you never know when you bump into a super hero and I really wouldn't feel like kicking their ass in front of everyone. There is one Super Hero I did want to kill though, the one hero I wanted to crush was Ivory, she's saved too many of the other heroes and ruined my plans way too many times! The brat got to me, she was the reason I sacrificed sleep to go out and try and see if I can find her. The day I'm able to hold her mask in my hand and crush it will be the day I'd be able to live happily. But I controlled myself, because for now I had to go downstairs and get my next victim for later that night. "Lex, ho am I going to kill today?" I asked slyly walking down the steps to the living room of the house. I didn't call him dad because that indicated I was seeker than him. "Ok you have to trust me Louis," his voice trailed off, he took a serious yet gentle tone, something rare for him "I suspect your little friend Julissa, might be Superman's daughter. I just have this feeling, there's something about her, just think about it Louis when your around her a cut that would have required stitches turns into a scrape." I shook my head as he finished his explanation. I refused to believe Julissa possessed any powers, I know she'd tell me, and plus I most likely heal faster because its some kind of genetic mutation that makes me heal faster. "Just watch her closely Louis." He interrupted my racing thoughts one last time. I clenched my jaw, my hands already in tight fists. Hesitantly, I nodded, I'd just go out and watch her tonight to see what she does. That's all I had to do. Lex was crazy and the legacy of our parents was over, it was our turn to take lives and take over. We were the next generation and it was our time. 

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