Have you ever had so much power you didn't know what to do with it? Well she did. She was the daughter of Superman and Wonderwoman. Villains knew of her existence, but not her identity. To them she was Ivory- the hero that vanished- they can't track her down, it's impossible. She disappears before they get the chance. Her real name is Julissa Sparks, her power? Well you can say that she has every power. She just has to say the word or think of the power she wants, and then it's hers. No one knows about her powers, not even my bestfriend Louis. Her parents don't live with her. They say its too much of a risk, but she thinks just being alive is a risk.


4. Lex's Orders or Louis' Feelings

I quickly changed back into the outfit I had on earlier and walked straight to Louis' house. His father opened the door, there was something about Louis' dad, something bad but I couldn't put my finger on it. "Oh Julissa, Louis' upstairs in his room." He said to me in a dry solemn tone. I brushed passed him, heading up the stairs to Louis' room. "Lou!" I screamed walking through the shut door. "Hey Jules! What are you doing here?" He asked a bit shocked by my presence. There was an awkward silence as I discretely looked over his bare sweaty chest. He clearly wasn't expecting me this early, he made eye contact with me, keeping silent as we stared at each other. "So um- I'm sorry that I came so early, but I just wanted to let you know I was going to be gone for a few weeks. My dad's flying me out to Florida to stay with him for a bit and I just didn't want you to worry." I broke the silence in the room only for it to return seconds later. I knew how Louis got when I just left, he was very protective of me, not in a way of boys flirting with me but more in a way of danger getting to me. Considering my lifestyle, he could have done a better job, but he didn't know about that so in his world he was doing an amazing job. "So um remember earlier how I was going to tell to something?" His voice was filled with nerves, I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous of what he was going to say, "Well it's pretty damn important, and I'm not one to beat around the bush so I'm just going to say it." I nodded my head insinuating I was ready for whatever he was going to tell me. "Ok so I was trying to tell you that I like you Julissa, like I really like you, and I was wondering if you'd be my girlfriend. I figured we're already best friends and erm maybe we can give being a couple a try?" His voice finished shakily and he played with his hands anxiously as he awaited my answer. "Ok. I'll be your girlfriend, but I really have to go now, I wouldn't want to miss my flight." My voice was confident as I tried to hold back my smile. I was never one to beat around the bush either and even though Louis asking me this made me feel fuzzy inside I didn't let him see it. But in all reality there was no one I'd rather date, and I knew that he felt the same through the smile he sent my way as he stepped closer to me. As he reached the spot I was standing in he carefully placed his lips to mine, kissing me passionately, the sparks were incredible but they were gone too soon. "Remember that." He winked at me as he pulled away leaving me wanting more. Giving me one more peck before he led me out of his house. Once I got to my house I went back to my lab pulled on my superhero outfit, and opened the message daddy had sent me again. I looked at the message address and thought a power to myself "give me the power to teleport" feeling the power spread over me I thought of the location of the Sanctuary and closed my eyes. When I opened them I was in a giant room, there were many other superheroes there. Including my parents. -- I looked around the place and saw my mom and dad, they smiled and approached me. "Hi, Ivory we've been expecting you." My mom said with a smile plastered on her face, "You are the last young hero we needed to start orientation." My dad said in a more informative tone. I looked at them and smiled, my eyes said "I've missed you guys" but all that I could physically speak was "Well thank you for having me." I could never have a heart to heart conversation with my parents, especially in public, so I turned to my powers. "Give me the power to talk to people through my thoughts" I said under my breath beginning to walk away from my parents. "Mommy daddy! It's so great to see you! I've missed you both, but I need to know if you have any restrictions on what I can do or say here?" I thought curiously directing my thoughts to my parents and my parents alone. "We'll when you're doing introductions you can't say we're your parents, this place is safe but we can't risk anything. But other than that enjoy sweetie, you should go talk to Batman's son. He seems like a nice lad." I heard my mom's thoughts in my mind, she didn't know about Louis and I didn't plan on telling her. After saying 'bye' I then walked over to the large round table in the middle of the Sanctuary. It was the time for the young justice forces to meet.

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