Annebeth a 17 year old girl wakes up one morning in a place she never been before at that place she meets one direction and discovers a sidr to them she never knew


1. Where am I

Where am i. I was tied to a chair with tape slapped across my mouth with my hands and feet tied behind the chair wih rope. It was dark in this room. Blood stains were on the walls and my clothes had blood all over them. I cant believe it me Annabeth got kidnapped. But how did thids happen? How did i get here? And where am i ?. As soon as i could try to gasp out a call for help i heard a familier voice. "I know niall,I know!"Was it ....... It couldnt be........ It was Harry From One direction he was my kidnapper!!!! As soon as he walked in he took the tape of my mouth and he untied me and threw me on a bed he took off his clothes and in a matter of seconds he was naked . Then he said "Zayn LouLiam NIALL get in here!" They came barrging in thre room and ripped my clothes of now i was naked.....Harry began to crawl on my body and took tape and taped my mouth shut and tied my hands and feet to the bed. He began to stick his two fingers inside of me. I became full of pain yet the pain went away and it was filled with pleasure .Then Harry stuck his dick in me i cryed for at least the whole time he thrusted me with it inside of me. Hr got off the bed and called out for niall.Niall came in the room and took off all his clothes and he kissed my places i moaned i actually liked it. I was following along until he took the limit too far i began to see blood flood out of me. Thats when he stopped And he called in For Louis. As the others louis had taken his clothes of and he took it to extreme limits he stuck his dick inside of my mouth and forced me give him a blowjob. I then pushed him away from me and i began to puke. Then they called in liam. He didnt want to because hee was dating daniell......But then came zayn...........
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