Party Hard- (Zayn Mailk's Fan Fiction)

This story is about a girl named ____(y/n). She is 16 years old. Since her mom died she changed completely. From blond-hair, to red. Almost pink eyeliner, to a fully black, and tender to rebel. She lives with her dad. Which is not the same either, he changed too. One night she goes to a party that will change her life. What is going to happen? Just start reading my movella and you'll find out.
Hope you guys like it! kik mee: imalanap
~Zayn Malik's babe


10. Zayn's Girlfriend

Oh God, "THE NEW GIRLFRIEND OF ZAYN MALIK"? I didn't even know that we had a relationship.
 In the morning we went to talk to the person that had published it.
 We arrived at the building of the magazine "Hot On Stars" and asked to speak to the editor.
 As a boy guided us to the office of Marilyn Hasse, I tried to hold Zayn's hand. Then he rejected me 
The boy knocked a pink door that said "Marilyn Hasse, a star like you" and a sign by Madonna appeared.
- ''Who?'' - We hear the voice of a woman.
''I'm Jacob Darn, Miss Hasse''- replied the boy.
- ''What do you want now, Darn?'' -
 -''The guys of One Direction, came to talk to you''
We heard a few noises and then the door opened.
 Marilyn was an extremely beautiful woman with blond hair, white skin and was wearing a pink dress
''Come in please, boys''- she looked at me from head to toe and said with a disgusted voice -''and ... you''
 ''Thank you,'''- Zayn said.
 The door behind me closed
 -''Sit down,'' -said Marilyn.
 The boys sat down and there was no chair for me, I felt the most rejected person in the universe.
 -''Here take my seat''- said Harry smiling.
 -''No, leave it''- Zayn said.
 Marilyn took a seat from a corner and putted it next to Harry. I sat saying "Thank you" at him.
''Well, boys. How can I help you?'' - Marilyn said smiling.
-''We want to talk about this''- Zayn took out the magazine and putted it on the table.
-''Oh, yeah. I'll talk to you in a moment. Give me a second'', she moved her chair in front of me- ''What's your name?'' - She said with an annoyed tone and good ... disgusted.
 -''_______   _______''-
''And tell me, honey. Are you Zayn's girlfriend?'' -

I was thinking about saying yes, but I didn't know what to say ....


~End of Chapter 10! Please leave comments! <3

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