Party Hard- (Zayn Mailk's Fan Fiction)

This story is about a girl named ____(y/n). She is 16 years old. Since her mom died she changed completely. From blond-hair, to red. Almost pink eyeliner, to a fully black, and tender to rebel. She lives with her dad. Which is not the same either, he changed too. One night she goes to a party that will change her life. What is going to happen? Just start reading my movella and you'll find out.
Hope you guys like it! kik mee: imalanap
~Zayn Malik's babe


6. Romance

I could not sleep from the time Zayn was sleeping with me, ok ... I was the one who putted him on the bed. He didn't moved. I couldn't sleep because feeling his body next to me, made me feel weird. He was gorgeous, he looked so adorable I couldn't resist it.
At 10 am I felt Zayn moving, I putted my head on his chest ...
- ''What? - Yawned- ''What am I doing here?'' -
-''Ermm ... well ...  you got on the bed at night''- I laughed to myself.
- ''Really? Im so sorry,  I made you uncomfortable''-
- ''Uncomfortable? Uncomfortable in my house''- I laughed -
 He smiled, and that smile was brighter than the sun.
''I must get up now, maybe they'll bring you breakfast'' - when he got up from the bed at that moment a nurse came in with a tray.
The tray had two toasts with butter and a glass of milk and another with juice and a plate with fruits
-''Here's your breakfast Miss ____''-
''Thank you'', I read the sign that was in his dress- ''Brooke''- and smiled. Brooke left and I turned to look at Zayn who was fixing his hair-''You want breakfast?''
-''No, but right now I'm going for a coffee''- he said
-''Wait let me show you something'', I took one of the toasts- ''Close your eyes''- he closed them-''open the mouth''
-''You are not going to put a toast in my mouth, right?'' -
-''No'',- I said- ''I would never do that'' - I said sarcastically-
Zayn opened his mouth and closed his eyes. I putted the toast in his mouth. He closed his mouth and ate it
- ''Eww! Disgusting! Why did you do that, Zayn? Now I can't eat the bread and you have to eat it!'' - I laughed while he finished the bread.
I gave him my glass of milk,because I was allergic to lactose and he ate half of my plate of fruit.
We spend half of the day watching TV and laughing. We talked about us too.
At 7 pm, the doctor told us that I could go. They took me in a wheelchair and I got in the car with Zayn.
- ''Ready?'' - he said
- ''Yeah''  -I winked.
When we stopped he asked me:
- ''Do you want to go to your house or you wanna come to mine?'' -
- ''It depends'' ... ''Would you like me to be with you or you feel uncomfortable?'' -
He laughed sweetly, he took my chin gently and pulled me to his face and said:
- ''Knowing you and being with you is the best thing that could ever happened to me'' -then ...

~End of Chapter 6! It's so ROMANTIC!! <3

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