Party Hard- (Zayn Mailk's Fan Fiction)

This story is about a girl named ____(y/n). She is 16 years old. Since her mom died she changed completely. From blond-hair, to red. Almost pink eyeliner, to a fully black, and tender to rebel. She lives with her dad. Which is not the same either, he changed too. One night she goes to a party that will change her life. What is going to happen? Just start reading my movella and you'll find out.
Hope you guys like it! kik mee: imalanap
~Zayn Malik's babe


2. Party!

I didn't think a second longer, I showered, makeup on a little exaggerated as makeup on me like every day:
 Mineral powder, intense pink shades, black eyeliner,my eyelashes were dark black, I wore mascara, pink blush and lipstick pink / red.
 I brushed my hair to the side.
 Now my outfit was missing ...
 I decided to wear a strapless black blouse with a bow at the bust, denim shorts and my navy blue shoes. I was ready, now it was time for the hard part, jump out the window!!!.
 I opened the window and looked down, took one end of a tree branch and got down.
 Landing on the grass I saw Max, my dog. ​​He barked and barked so I calmed him down.
 -Max, be quiet its me, _________ - I looked into his eyes and he calmed down.
 I went to the garage it was 10:00 pm, arriving late was like being queen, you got all eyes on you. So I got on my porsche and went to the party.
 Outside Come Alive,was a sign that said:
 "Friends of James Hifrend, on this side" and a big arrow pointing to a door, I went and there was a security guard.
 -''What is your name?''- he said as if I was a total stranger.
 -''___________ ''
-''You are ...  _________??'' -
 -''Of Course"-I looked at him like if he was stupid.
 ''Go ahead please,''
  The whole place was lit by fluorescent lights of different colors, loud music, people dancing, I do not regret going to the party.
 -'' _________!'' - Called James.
 - ''James! Thanks for having me''-
 -''It was nothing, I almost organized this party for you''-
 -''Haha, like I love you''-
 -''me too''-we hugged-''You want a drink?''
 -''Of course''-
 He went and sat at a table, I suddenly saw a crowd of girls crazy on the door.
 "They are already too drunk and its barely 11 pm" I thought to myself.
 It had been five minutes and James did not return, so I went to look for him, but I saw that he was talking with Nathalie, a girl who he always liked, so I decided not to interrupt.
 I turned around and a stupid guy bumped into me and he's drink spilled all over my clothe.
 - ''HEY! You are an idiot'' I shouted.
 ''Sorry, but you are the idiot here'' said a man's voice.
 I looked up and ...


~Sooo what do you think its going to happeennnnn????


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