Party Hard- (Zayn Mailk's Fan Fiction)

This story is about a girl named ____(y/n). She is 16 years old. Since her mom died she changed completely. From blond-hair, to red. Almost pink eyeliner, to a fully black, and tender to rebel. She lives with her dad. Which is not the same either, he changed too. One night she goes to a party that will change her life. What is going to happen? Just start reading my movella and you'll find out.
Hope you guys like it! kik mee: imalanap
~Zayn Malik's babe



That night I dreamed about Zayn, the dance, the kiss and then when he threw the vodka.
 -___________ wake up! Time to go to school! -
 I took a bath, dressed in a shirt that said Free Hugs, white pants and red sneakers. That day I felt like the Queen of England, beautiful and lucky. Also that day I had to dye my hair again but I didn't so my hair looked like it was brown.
 -''Good morning, Daddy'',
 - ''Daddy?'' - he said
 -''How strange that you called me that, I thought you were still mad''-
 -"Well, im not''. I said preparing my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  
 ''Well I'm going to school''-
 -''That Free Hugs shirt, I haven't seen it for a long time'' he smiled.
 -''I know''-I gave him a kiss on the cheek and left.
 In school I spend the whole day thinking about Zayn, his eyes, his lips soft as the petal of a flower, and his muscles!!.
 Hannah picked me up, a friend who go to the dance classes with me in the afternoon.
 -''Hello, Hannah''-
 -''Hello, ________'' she said smiling. ''I love your Free Hugs shirt''.
 ''Thanks, today I feel happy''-
 -''Great, you look beautiful like that''-
 We came to the class and I danced like never before. With joy and excitement.
 -''Hey___________, I will not be able to take you home tonight, my mother made dinner and I have to be there right now okay?'' -
 -''Yes, of course. Don't worry'', Hannah said goodbye,
 I left the dance studio and went to an alley that looked very dark, but I wasn't  afraid, I always went there and it was normal.
 - ''Hey!!'' - I heard someone screaming.
 - ''That ass! Looks good!'' - Another voice yelled.
 I started walking faster, almost running.
 I heard whispers and then steps. I started to run.
 - ''Where are you going, babe? You're going to hurt yourself, let us take care of that beautiful body you have''.
 I kept running, I could not breathe, then I felt a hand took me by the arm.
 ''Hello, sweetheart,'' said one man.
 -''Get off me, please, I'll give you what you want but don't hurt me''-
 -''I don't want anything material, baby. I want that little body that you have. He started to unbutton my blouse.Take her guys!'' -
 They put a bag over my head and dragged me across the floor, crashing me with everything. I felt that my head was bleeding. OMG, it scares me.
 - ''Hey, Let her go!'' - I heard a voice.
 -''Pick her up, stupid'' -another voice said, but one of the bad guys. I heard more people running.
 Another person carried me away, he took the bag from my head.
 - ''________? Is that you?'' -  I heard a voice, it sounded familiar but I was so unconscious that I couldn't recognize who it was.
 -''_________, Are you okay? Speak to me!'' - he shouted .
''Guys I have to take her to the hospital''-
 So ...I lost my consciousness.


~End of Chapter 4~

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