Party Hard- (Zayn Mailk's Fan Fiction)

This story is about a girl named ____(y/n). She is 16 years old. Since her mom died she changed completely. From blond-hair, to red. Almost pink eyeliner, to a fully black, and tender to rebel. She lives with her dad. Which is not the same either, he changed too. One night she goes to a party that will change her life. What is going to happen? Just start reading my movella and you'll find out.
Hope you guys like it! kik mee: imalanap
~Zayn Malik's babe


5. Hospital

 ''Will she be able to leave today, doctor?'' - Was the voice of my father, but I didn't know where we were.
  ''No, sir James, _______ has suffered several bruises and has a couple of broken ribs, she will not leave until tomorrow night''-
  ''But I have to leave for two days, I need to take her with me today''-
 '' I'm sorry but it's all we can do for her''-
  -''I ... I can stay with her, Sir''- was that Zayn? What was he doing here? How does he knows?
  - ''Are you sure, Zayn? Are you okay with it?'' - Said my father like if he knew Zayn a long time ago
  -''No, of course not''-
  ''Well, all right'',
  I closed my eyes because the eyelids felt heavy as ever ...
  I woke up at 2 am and looked to the side, because I felt something on the other side of the bed.
  Zayn was sitting on a chair with his head resting on the edge of the bed. I could not leave him like that, so I got out of bed and i put his legs in the bed.
  I cuddled with him, and that was when we slept together for the first time (but not like you think, we just slept. THAT'S ALL WE DID!)

~End of Chapter 5!

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