Runaway Bay

Stephanie Morrison is a normal 12 year old girl. She is a lover of horses. Stephanie leads a good life until her parents unexpectedly pass away in a ship accident. Now, her horse Blade has been sold to a slaughter company and Stephanie has an idea to escape her grandma's house. Stephanie comes across real big adventures, but will she emotionally survive the drama that comes with it? Read to find out.


22. .

   Blade's Point of View:

  This place is so...strange.


Not where I want to be.



Full of sickness.


Where is Stephanie when I need her?!

  So I enter the building, with the old, cruel man that is leading me. The familiar one that I've seen in the pasture for the past week.

  The tattered building is full of cracked, termite-infested siding and a pile of dried dirt is all that covers the ground. No fluffy sawdust that I like to lie down in.

There are stalls made of rotted wood on every wall. Feces is all that is bedding for the poor-looking animals that are accompanied them. A different section that is closed off by a large, sliding door stands across from the stalls, dead middle. The hallway leads up to it.

   "Ahhh, here we go...," the familiar man says

  He walks me into a stall at the very end, close to the sliding door. He then walks out and closes the gate behind me.

The stall is the very same as every other one. Feces for bedding, blood spattered in a spot on the wall, termites crawling out of the rotted boarders, and a rusty, red gate that's keeping me enclosed.

  "Here we go boy...Bart! Fetch me a pail of water and a scoop of grain!" the familiar man says to the skinny, black haired man standing in front of him

   "You got two legs Steve, do it yourself!" Bart snaps that's his name...

   "Boy, I will take this gun and use it on you!" Steve reaches to his back pocket and grasps his gun big enough to clasp to the belt he is holding, just to show it as proof.

   "Fine." Bart spits "But next time I ain't doin' nothin' for you!" Bart marches off towards the sliding doors to retrieve my bucket of water and grain.

   Steve walks away after Bart.

  I circle the stall, trying to find a spot to lie down. Sadly, there is nothing to lie down in except for feces. Just as I am about to lie down, an old, raspy voice rings in my ear.

   "You better get used to it boy." a voice says

   "Who said that?" I ask, bewildered

   "The stall to your right."

    I turn back around in my stall and prick my ears toward the voice. Reaching my neck over the thick barriers, I spot a dappled, grey pony behind them.

   "You ain't got much time to live." The dappled pony croaks

   "What?" I am confused of the tone of his voice "What do you mean...?"

   "Them men...they gon' kill you soon. They like to get da fresh ones 'fore they gets sick!"

   "Why, they won't kill me...that man has been taking care of me for the past week."

   "Yah...well I don't know your story...but I do know this. Each day they take a couple horses back behind that sliding door and shoots 'em! Shoots 'em dead!"

    "Why would they do that?!" I ask, alarmed

    "They humans! Humans are traders! All they want is to fatten you up for meat and then they cut you up and sell you for good cash!"

   "No! They don't do that! I know Stephanie wouldn't...she loves me!"

  "Yah well theys different. I been here for a week and I've seen them take 16 horses behind that door. Every time they do that, a gun goes off. BOOM!" I jump a little from his loud "BOOM!" "They gone! My old friend who stayed out there in that pasture says he seens them take horse out in loads to a big truck every day...didn't know why...just seen 'em."

   "So they're going to kill me?"

   "I'm 'fraid so, son."

  "But Stephanie...I can't leave her!"

  "Boy, who 'dis Stephanie you been talkin' 'bout?"

   "She's my owner, the most wonderful owner a horse like me can have..."

    "Pfft. Ain't no one got any owner that wonderful, trust me."

    I eye him suspiciously.

    "What's your name anyway?"

    "Pepper...what's yours?"


     "Nice to meet you, Blade."

     "Nice to meet you too..."

    A couple moments of awkward silence went by before I began to talk again.

   "So what's your story?" a chill of cold went up my spine and I shivered "Curse these drafts!"

   "Yah, unfortunately these humans don't care about us, therefore there will be no more fixing up the woods to block the spring wind. But what?" he said


   "What did you mean about my story?"

   "Oh yah, you know how did you get here..."

   He looked down, almost like he was ashamed of what had happened.

   "If you don't mind me asking..."I piped up

    "Oh no, no it's fine...I'm just thinking." he stared at the ground a little bit longer and then said "It was cold..."


   "A cold day...filled in by the warmth of a young child's love. I remember the day he came to my pasture and looked into it. I was just a young colt, maybe the age of two, and he was just a young boy, the age of seven. Ed was his name. He had perfect golden hair and was as feeble as a young chick that had just hatched. I looked up in the pasture and could barely make out his appearance from the flurries of snow landing upon my eyelashes, but still had the feeling that we were meant to carry on a long future full of happiness.

   "So I galloped over to where he was leaning over the fence, reaching his hand out to pet my peppered fur. I playfully bucked sideways just to show-off and then fro locked over to where he stood. He mumbled some words to the rough man standing beside him and then turned his attention back to me. I walked closer to him and he caressed my head in his skinny arms. For a moment we had a dead staring contest and then he let go of my head, and threw his hands up in the air full of excitement. He tugged on the rough man's arm standing next to him who I later learned was his father. His father had my owner come over and they talked awhile. Later that week I was put into a trailer and drove to the little boy's house.

   "When I got there, there was a simple bricked house and a small red barn built for only a couple of animals. They seemed poor, but that did not stop Ed from giving me all the love a horse could ask for in the world. I was put into a small pasture aside of the barn and a few chickens accompanied me. It was not much, but was just perfect for what I needed.

   "Throughout 10 years the boy gave me endless love and affection. I noticed that after his 18th year his time for me had decreased, and used the time taken away from me to spend on this very annoying girl his same age. I could not understand why he had loved her so much, the animals did not like her, which was an obvious hint that she was not a good person. She would be nice when he came around, but would kick the chickens and shoo me away when he was gone. Anyways, his love for this girl grew, and they bought a house and got married. I was moved to the house where I spent endless hours of loneliness in an opened field that accompanied only the crickets' chirps and frogs' croaks. He would feed me of coarse, and occasionally ride me, but that was about it.

    "10 more years passed and I was 20 years of age. Ed had had 1 girl by the name of Daisy which I was to obey and respect. But I did not like Daisy. She was similar to her mother, mean and hateful, and when Daisy was old enough to ride on her own, years of cruelty and whippings stood in my future.

   "A couple more years had passed and Daisy was the age of 14, old enough to realize that I was not a good enough pony for her, she wanted a bigger, better horse. And so Daisy got a bigger, better horse, and I was once again pushed aside. My bones ached and my skin was bruised from the years I dealt with her, and I cost them too much money because of medicine. So, next thing I knew, I was standing in this very stall."

  He pawed the stall floor with his hoof.

  "So that was it? Ed just gave you up after all of those wonderful years you guys spent together?"

   "Seems that way..."

   "But you are his best friend!"

   "Yes...I was..."

   "And I'm Stephanie's best what's going to happen to me?!"

   "I don't know son...but you ended up it seems like she is done being your best friend."

   "No! Stephanie wouldn't do that! She loves me!"

    "Yah, well I thought Ed loved me too..." his voice became sad and he turned away from me, facing the corner of his stall.

     I just sat there and thought...

    Stephanie must come get me, quick!










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