Runaway Bay

Stephanie Morrison is a normal 12 year old girl. She is a lover of horses. Stephanie leads a good life until her parents unexpectedly pass away in a ship accident. Now, her horse Blade has been sold to a slaughter company and Stephanie has an idea to escape her grandma's house. Stephanie comes across real big adventures, but will she emotionally survive the drama that comes with it? Read to find out.


18. .

    I ran. I just plain ran. For ten minutes straight I ran down my Grandma's road. I hadn't gotten far and I was already huffing and puffing. Why did I do this? Oh well, there's no turning back now, Blade needs help.

    It was only 30 minutes from my house to Grandma's house, so how long will it take me to get back to Blade? Hopefully not long. It was still high noon. Maybe if I hitch-hiked I could get there before dark. Hopefully.


   It has been 3 hours since I left Grandma's and my legs are aching. Ignoring the pain I urge myself to move forwards and begin to walk along the side of the road. I have estimated that I have walked about 10 miles, maybe less. This is a stupid idea.

   Not thinking about the danger of hitch-hiking, I drop my bag beside me and point down my thumb. Soon enough a red Nissan pulls up beside me and I open up the car door and get in.

   "Where you headin kid?" a middle-aged woman asks me

   "Fairville." I blankly reply

   Without saying anything else she drives forward.

   "I hope I didn't cause you to go off-track of your destination." I said apologetically

   "Nuhh, was heading passed there anyway, besides, I wasn't going to let a cute little girl like you stand on the side of the road. Some creep would have definitely snatched you up."

   "Thanks for that by the way."

    We sat there in awkward silence for a bit until she spoke up again.

    "Just out of curiosity, why were you standing on the side of the road anyway?"


   "Well sweetie, running away is never the answer. I know that from experience. Ran away when I was 16, now look what I've turned out to be."

    She looks like she turned out alright to me, she's decent looking, has a nice car, and is nice herself.

    "You seem fine to me."

   She laughed.

   "That's because I found a nice husband to save my but."

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