Runaway Bay

Stephanie Morrison is a normal 12 year old girl. She is a lover of horses. Stephanie leads a good life until her parents unexpectedly pass away in a ship accident. Now, her horse Blade has been sold to a slaughter company and Stephanie has an idea to escape her grandma's house. Stephanie comes across real big adventures, but will she emotionally survive the drama that comes with it? Read to find out.


16. .

    The next day, I waited and waited and waited, until it was time to go to bed. My parents weren't

coming back, I knew that for a fact. I cried myself to sleep. Josie came in and jumped on me.

    "What's the matter, Stephie?"

    "Nothing Jose, just go back to sleep."

   "Not until you tell me what's wrong."

  "I already told you, it's nothing to worry about."

    She didn't get the memo that I wanted to be left alone, and so she lied down next to me.

  No matter how hard she tried to pry it out of me, I was not going to be the one to tell her that her parents are dead.


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