Runaway Bay

Stephanie Morrison is a normal 12 year old girl. She is a lover of horses. Stephanie leads a good life until her parents unexpectedly pass away in a ship accident. Now, her horse Blade has been sold to a slaughter company and Stephanie has an idea to escape her grandma's house. Stephanie comes across real big adventures, but will she emotionally survive the drama that comes with it? Read to find out.


12. .

  The rest of the three days went by pretty fast, considering Cassie wasn't there to bother me. Well, she actually was there, just in the principal's office. I talked to Jeanne the rest of the week, she thanked me for standing up for her. I told her it was no problem, considering I wanted to punch Cassie anyway. She laughed. I finally decided I had a friend.

   Jeanne's brother, Cade, sat with his friend on the bus the rest of the week so I just sat in the front with Jeanne. I was pretty sure Cade didn't like (love type of like- not the hate type of like) me, and that he was just being nice the days I sat with him, but who cares, at least he was nice to me. I still secretly think he's cute.

  On Saturday, the first day of spring break, Josie and I finished up packing for Grandma's house. Around 10'o'clock, we left.

    Dad was so excited. He started singing old songs like "Purple People Eater," and "On Top of Spaghetti." When his classic hits cd turned to the hand jive, he started doing the hand jive and mom had to reach over and grab the wheel, to keep us from wrecking.

    "I think that's enough, hon." Mom finally said.

    "Oh, I'm just haven fun!" Dad replied

   Then he started to do the hand jive again.

    "Mommy make Daddy stop! He's scaring me!" Josie complained

    We all burst out laughing.

     As we began to leave our little town, I thought about how Cassie had probably been through a hundred different towns. I had no idea how her home life had been, and that was the cause of why she was always so mean and miserable. Even though I still don't like Cassie, I found myself lying in bed hoping that the foster family she had now would take good care of her. I hope they keep her too. I started to think about how terrible it would be if I lost my parents. I don't think I would be able to go on in life with so much sadness.

    After about 30 long and annoying minutes of dad's singing, we finally pulled into Grandma's gravel driveway.

   Her house was about the same size as ours, but it had faded yellow siding, a ton of garden ornaments in her landscaping, and a little porch that jutted out of the front of her house. I always liked Grandma's house. It matched her. A cute, little old lady. Just like a cute, little old house.

   Grandma came out of the front door, and spread her arms wide for Dad. Dad hugged her. She also hugged Mom, even though she didn't like Mom. Josie began jumping up and down. She loved Grandma, and was always so excited to see her.

   I finally stepped out of the car, and went to hug Grandma. She smelled like warm chocolate chip cookies, as she always does.

   "Well, you've gotten awfully big since the last time I saw you! How many vegetables have you been eating?" she said with a chuckle

   "Well, not enough I guess, since I'm still one of the smallest in my class." I replied

    "Nuh, you'll grow, look at your parents! They're average size! I'm sure you'll be at least 5'6."

     I doubt it. Let's face it, I got the short gene.

   "Why don't you go inside and get yourself some warm cookies!" She said

    "Ok. Bye mom, bye dad, I love you."

     "Love you too sweetie, and be good for Grandma!" Dad said

     I hugged them both, picked up my pink bag, then ran inside.

    Buster, Grandma's bulldog greeted me at the door.

    I loved Buster. He was mostly white, with grey and brown covering a side of his back, and a brown spot splashed around his left eye.

    I ruffled his floppy ears. He licked my face repeatedly.

    "Buster stop it!" I said, trying not to laugh.

    I hung my bag up on a hook, then rounded the corner into the kitchen to find Josie already dug into the cookies.

    "What are you doing you little brat?"

     "Eating cookies!" She said in the cutest little voice that I couldn't resist.

     I pulled a wooden chair out from underneath of the table, and sat down. I took a cookie and bit into it. It was so warm and fresh! Grandma's cooking was definitely the best.

    I looked out the window to find mom and dad pulling out of the driveway.

    Grandma came in and gently closed the door behind her.

    "Alright girls! What do you want to do first! I know there's limited outdoor stuff to do since I live in a subdivision, but it's too chilly out anyway! So, maybe when you're done we can play a board game. Buster and I made a whole list of fun things we can do!"

    Grandma always includes Buster in her little activities, even though he can't actually do any of them. I guess she just tries to deny that she's alone. I don't blame her, I wouldn't want to say I'm alone either, it's boring, and a little sad.

    After we ate all the cookies, we played chutes and ladders. I never totally figured out the game, too many chutes and ladders, but Josie did. She ended up winning, and her and Grandma kept on playing while I went to the guest room to unpack.

   The guest room was a pale pink, meant for Josie and I. There were purple curtains hung up, and a little white desk beside the queen bed. I slid open the closet door and began to hang up my clothes. There was nothing in the closet except for some hangers. My feet sunk into the plush, brown carpet. I loved this room. It reminded me of when I was little, even before Josie was born. I loved playing all types of games with Grandma, just like Josie, and always got excited when I went to Grandma's also, but now, now that I'll be turning 13 in only 6 months, I've lost interest in doing all that little kid stuff, and I spend more time on my own. It almost makes me sad, like I've outgrown my only Grandma, that's why I decided I was actually happy to go to Grandma's for spring break. Blade can wait to be rode, besides the first show doesn't start for another month.

   I plumped down on the bed after I unpacked Josie's and my stuff, and fell asleep.




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