Runaway Bay

Stephanie Morrison is a normal 12 year old girl. She is a lover of horses. Stephanie leads a good life until her parents unexpectedly pass away in a ship accident. Now, her horse Blade has been sold to a slaughter company and Stephanie has an idea to escape her grandma's house. Stephanie comes across real big adventures, but will she emotionally survive the drama that comes with it? Read to find out.


10. .

    When I got to the principal's office, a ting of nervousness, excitement, regret, and fear came into me. All at once.

  Nervousness for the punishment I was about to receive.

   Excitement for punching Cassy.

    Regret for what I had just done to Cassy...well not exactly. It felt good to punch her and create a flaw in her perfect skin.

    And fear because well, Mr. Mills (our principal) wasn't the most heartwarming person.

   "So Mrs. Johnson has filled me in on what you girls have done...well all that she knew when she walked into the room. So, all I'm asking is which one of you girls took the first swing?" Mr. Mills asked

  "Cassy!" I said quickly before she could but in with one of her stupid lies.

   "Cassy, is this true? Were you the first one to swing?"

    "Yes." she said.

    I couldn't believe my ears. Cassy was actually admitting to this! Wow. What's next? The Easter bunny's gonna pop out from underneath Mr. Mill's desk? All of this just didn't make sense. I wonder what made her say this. She must have a good lie to back it up.

   "Ok. Thank you for being honest Cassy. But I want to hear both sides of the story with Stephanie going first."

  I pulled the brown bangs hanging in my face to the side and cleared my voice.

   "Okay. So I walked into Mrs. Johnson's room okay. And when I walked in I found Cassy tearing up Jeanne's paper that she happened to work hard on. Jeanne is a good friend of mine-"

  "Since when?!" Cassy interrupted

  "Since we found out we had something in common...hating you!" I shot back

   She gasped in disbelief.

   "Wow like you didn't get the memo already!" I added. And there I was thinking she might actually tell the truth. I should've known better.

   "Girls! I have better things to do then settle a little dispute! Cassy don't interrupt, you'll have your chance to say your side of the story. Please proceed Ms. Morrison."

  "And I was very hurt about this because, again, Jeanne works very hard on all of her homework assignments. Plus, you don't understand Mr. Mills. Ever since the day Cassy started school, she's been mean to EVERYONE! Particularly me. And when Jeanne moved here, that was just another person she added to her list to pick on. So when I saw Cassy rip up her paper, it gave me an opportunity to say what was on my mind. Now that I think about it, I was standing up for Jeanne, but at the same time, I was standing up for myself. After a little arguing, Cassy took a swing, missed, and I took a swing back. But I didn't miss."

   Mr. Mills just nodded his head, processing all that I had said.

   "Thank you Stephanie, now Cassy, I would like to hear what you have to say."

    When I looked over at Cassy, she had her hands covering up her face. I could tell she was crying. Oh brother. Hear we go again with another one of Cassy's acts to make everyone feel bad for her. How could she even sleep at night? That little snake. 

     "Cassy? Your side of the story please." Mr. Mills reminded her.

  "You don't understand!" Cassy screamed at him "BOTH of my parents died when I was only four! Four years old! A little kid needs their parents then!" she settled down and looked out the window. "Ever since then I had been in and out of foster homes. I counted 12 different homes before I finally found someone to take me in. I was 8 years old. The reason I was mean to people was because I saw them and I saw how perfect their lives were! I didn't think I could make people with perfect lives feel bad about themselves, but when I realized I could, it made me feel like I had people to fit in with, people like me who were hurting in the inside. I was only the meanest to Stephanie because she seemed to have the most perfect life! She has perfect hair, beautiful colored skin- I mean look at her skin it's like the mix between yellow and orange in a sunset!- I swear- it glows!- and she has the perfect grades, the perfect family, the perfect horse that she gets to go home and ride everyday, and most important, she has somewhere she can call home. Where as I worry every single night about if my foster parents are gonna give me up soon."

  I couldn't believe she had just said all those nice things about me.

   "And I was mean to Jeanne because she was knew, and, and too fragile, She was just another person to experiment on and make me feel better. I really do apologize Stephanie, I just, I just didn't think I could hurt someone as perfect as you."

   I stood up suddenly feeling bad.

  "Oh, Cassy, I'm far from perfect! I fell off my horse the other day, failed the quiz we just had in science, and have done more embarrassing things than I can count! I am far from perfect."

    "Thanks Stephanie, but you're a lot closer to perfect than me."

  With that, she walked out of the office.

   "Well, Stephanie, you can go on back to class, I think I've gathered enough information here. But, you do know you're parents will be contacted and I will have to inform them on this."

  "Yes, I know sir."

   "Ok, good day Ms. Morrison."





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