Runaway Bay

Stephanie Morrison is a normal 12 year old girl. She is a lover of horses. Stephanie leads a good life until her parents unexpectedly pass away in a ship accident. Now, her horse Blade has been sold to a slaughter company and Stephanie has an idea to escape her grandma's house. Stephanie comes across real big adventures, but will she emotionally survive the drama that comes with it? Read to find out.


9. .

   When I got on the bus, I sat down next to Jeanne's brother...on purpose. I kind of thought he was cute...and maybe hanging out with Jeanne meant that I could possibly spend the night with her which possibly would lead to more talking to him which possibly...well I don't know...let's just say he's hot.

  "Hey." he said

  "Huh... hi." was all I could say back.

  Stupid of me! That really sounded dumb. Huh...hi. Wow I couldn't have said anything dumber than that. I smacked myself in the head trying to shake out the stupidness. He laughed. I blushed with embarrassment forgetting he was still sitting next to me.

   "I don't think I got your name yesterday.." he said

  "My name is Stephanie Morrison...what's yours?" I answered coolly.

   "Cade...Cade Kurtz."

    "That's a really cool name."

  "Thanks, you have a cool name too."

  Unfortunately, the bus came to a stop in front of the school and we had to get off. I made it up the stairs without groaning though. That was a plus. Now the kids can't call me cripple.

  I was walking down the hallway when Cassy purposely ran into me making me drop all of my books. She hissed as she went by then slithered away. Alright, so were gonna play that game. Fine by me, I was hoping she'd do something mean so I could punch her anyway.

     I got to Mrs. Johnson's class just before the bell rang...and just in time to watch Cassy rip up poor little Jeanne's homework paper. This was my time to explode.

  "What do you think your doing to my friend!" I screamed, forgetting we were even in a classroom.

   The whole class went dead silent and they all had their attention on me. Cassie was a little silent for the first time too. She was mostly in shock. Probably because she didn't know I could scream that loud.

  " looks like Jeanne's got a little hero to save the day." Cassy replied in her snaky voice. Then she started to laugh urging on the others to laugh with her.

   None of the other girls laughed.

  They were probably still in shock from when I screamed.

  "You know what Cassy? The only reason you have friends, is because they're scared of you."

  "Well...that doesn't even make since!" she tried to say making her voice strong....when she was actually a little scared.

  " does make since if you think about it! Look who's stupid now, Cassy?! Read the fine print. The only reason they are friends with you is because they buddy up, hoping you won't turn on them."

  "That's not true!" she shot back "They are true friends. Aren't you girls?"

  She turned to her friends, hoping they would back her up. But all they did, was back up and shut their mouths...not wanting to be involved in any of this. 

  I burst out laughing.

  Suddenly, Cassy came at me in a fighting position. I couldn't believe my eyes. I knew she was mean verbally, but I didn't think she was the type to hit.

  I ducked when she took a swing.

  "My turn." I said not thinking before I took the next action.

  I swung with all the hurt Cassy had ever put into me, all the mean rumors she ever spread, the anger that had built up...all balled up into the fist that was about to meet her face. As I thought back to what started all of this...I thought, I'm not even doing this for Jeanne anymore...I'm doing it for myself.

  I swung and when my fist met her face, she cried out. I pulled back. Not realizing that I had that much strength in me.

  She balled up on the floor, creating a dramatic scene for everyone. Then, Mrs. Johnson entered the room.

  She cried even harder. Okay, this was ridiculous. I knew I didn't hit her that hard. She's just crying so she can get me in trouble.

  "What is going on here!" Mrs. Johnson asked.

   "She...she hit me!" Cassy screamed through tears.

    "Stephanie! Did you really do this?" Mrs. Johnson asked, astonished.

    "No! Well...well...actually...yes. But she came at me first!" I said in the most innocent voice.

   "You two girls, to the principal's office now!" 

  The last week of school before spring break was turning out to be a dud.




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