Runaway Bay

Stephanie Morrison is a normal 12 year old girl. She is a lover of horses. Stephanie leads a good life until her parents unexpectedly pass away in a ship accident. Now, her horse Blade has been sold to a slaughter company and Stephanie has an idea to escape her grandma's house. Stephanie comes across real big adventures, but will she emotionally survive the drama that comes with it? Read to find out.


4. .

  As Blade galloped accrosed the arena with me flopping like a duck on his back, I thought about how my revenge will be on Cassy. I really don't encourage confrontation with somebody who I know will outsmart me, but I'm always up for a good fight. Blade got a little agitated when I kept flopping around on his back.

  "Sorry, Bud. I'm just not in full focus today. But you've done a good job. How about we stop for the day?"

   I laughed when he bobbed his head in agreement.

   When I finally got Blade's tack put up and his coat brushed out, I put him inside the stall and fed him some grain.

   "There. Is that all better?"

   I walked out of the barn, but stopped in my tracks when I heard Midnight growling.

   "What do you want?"

    She answered me with a very frightening growl. I jumped back a little. I only heard this growl once in my life, and that was when I accidentally...

  BANG!!! I turned my head around to where I heard the loud noise. It sounded like it was coming from the hayloft.

  A little girl's scream came soon after the banging sound.

  I grabbed my pocket knife and ran down the hallway.



    "Stephanie!" I heard a frightened voice call.

    "Hang on Josie!"

    I climbed one-handed up the hayloft with my left hand grasping desperately to my knife.

   "Where are you, Josie?!?!"

   "Over here!"

    I raced toward the end of the hayloft. I dodged beams and broken hay bales on the way. I almost bounced my head off one of the beams. When I finally got to the end of the hayloft, I was blocked by scattered hay bales. I looked around for an opening. I saw a little hole in-between two hay bales that only a little body like my sisters could fit through. I took my chance and tried to fit between them. It all was good until it reached my hips. I squirmed the rest of the way through. When I got up I saw Josie standing in the corner frightened to death.

  "Josie, what's the-whoa! Don't move!"

   I grasped my pocket knife hard in my hand- prepared for what ever was to come next.

  I made a clucking noise to get the big, hungry raccoon's attention. I didn't think that raccoon's could eat people, but if it was threatened, it could do some serious damage.

  The coon had Josie pinned in a corner. It's feet were all positioned into a perfect ready-to-pounce-position. I got the raccoon's attention and he turned his big, ugly head to look at me. The raccoon growled, and when I made a sudden movement that apparently turned him the wrong way, he soared through the air and landed hard on my chest. Only he didn't make it all the way to me. My pocket knife went deep into his heart before he even got near.



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