Runaway Bay

Stephanie Morrison is a normal 12 year old girl. She is a lover of horses. Stephanie leads a good life until her parents unexpectedly pass away in a ship accident. Now, her horse Blade has been sold to a slaughter company and Stephanie has an idea to escape her grandma's house. Stephanie comes across real big adventures, but will she emotionally survive the drama that comes with it? Read to find out.


3. .

  "No thanks, Mom. I've had enough."

  I reject Mom's option for more food. I'm pretty full, and to be honest, Mom's eggs aren't the best.

  I sling my pink book bag with lime-green flowers over my back. I kiss Mom and Dad goodbye, and then head out of the front door with Josie falling behind me.

  "What do you want Josie?"

  "Nothing, I just wanted to walk with you to the school bus. Can I?" she says

  "No. Go home."

  "But, but I..."

  "I said go home!"

  Josie started to cry as I flung my finger in the direction of the house.

  "I just wanted to see hows ya get on the bus!" she wailed.

   She ran back to the house. I felt pretty bad for yelling at her for that, but sometimes a little sister can be very annoying.

   The bus finally pulled to a screeching stop in front of the house. I sighed. It was just going to be another boring day.

   I hopped on the bus and sat down next to a blonde-headed boy with blue eyes who I supposed was in the seventh grade. I blushed a little when he looked at me.

  "Hey." The boy said.

   "Ummm, he.. hello?"

    "I like your bag. It's just like my sister's."

    "Oh! And who is your sister?"

     "You might know her. She's in the sixth grade. Like you. Her name is Jeanne."

     " Oh... ya...Jeanne. Ya she's in my class with Mrs. Johnson."


     The boy then turned around when somebody a couple of seats behind us hit him with a spitball.

      I took out my book The Hunger Games and started reading it. I was at the part when Rue got speared. My heart sank. Rue was one of my favorite characters in the book. My favorite character was definitely Katniss. I felt like Katniss every now and then. It was like Cassie was the arena and all I was trying to do was get out of her traps.

    I sighed as the school bus stopped in front of the school. YAY. This is going to be another fun day. All I had to do, though, was stick it out one more month. Then, school would be over and I would have all the time I wanted to ride Blade.

  I got off of the school bus and limped up the stone stairs from when I fell off of Blade last night. Each step I took started with an "Ooo!" and ended with an "Ouch!" Some of the kids looked at me strangely, and some who passed me called me "cripple." I just ignored them. I was pretty used to being teased.

   The bell rang to signal that school was starting, and I walked, I  mean, limped to Mrs. Johnson's class. Mr. Mills, our school principal, came over the intercom and announced the school lunch. Chili and pears. Yay. After he was done announcing all of the extra-curricular activities, we had to stand for the pledge. I moaned as I got up from my seat. I glanced over to Cassy, who was whispering something to her friend. Cassy's straight-blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail-the perfect kind of ponytail to "accidentally" yank off her head- and she was wearing blue skinny jeans with a turquoise shirt. Her shoes were brown, leather moccasins with leopard print on them. Just the kind of shoes I want. Of coarse. I noticed she was pointing to a girl in front of her. She had sandy blonde hair and her skin was a beautiful tan color. Jeanne. Jeanne was also a big victim of Cassy and her friends. Just like me. She never speaks, and she's the kindest person I've ever met, so it really hurts me when Cassy looks back at her friend and whispers something into her ear. Cassy and her friend laugh. I hate that snake.

  Suddenly, the voice of Mr. Mills starting the Pledge of Allegiance interrupted my thoughts.

   I Pledge Allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America...

   That I would like to dip Cassie into a volcano, and burn her stupid face off. 

   I added that last part by myself. And I was pretty proud of it.

  Mr. Mills finally finished the morning announcements, and we went straight into reading. Mrs. Johnson's beautiful tanned skin popped out of her yellow, knee high sun flower dress. She had a hint of blue eye shadow on, and her silky, black hair was pulled back into a bun with pencils hanging out of it.

  Since we're an advanced reading class, we read chapter books throughout the year, and learned a little bit of lessons in-between. We started back on the book, Maniac Magee, where Maniac was getting into a fight with Mars Bars. It was the most descriptive book I had ever read. It tells such a beautiful story.

    I looked over at Cassy who was staring at her pink-polished finger nails. Ugh. She was sooo girly.

  The rest of the day dragged on and then we finally got to lunch. I walked down the hallway and into the dull cafeteria. It had no color to it what so ever. All that it had was grey, grey, grey! Grey tiles, grey walls, and grey lunch trays. It really needed some color to it.

  I walked through the lunch line and hesitantly picked up my chili and pears. The food even seemed grey.

  I instantly noticed Cassie and avoided her. When I saw Jeanne sitting at a table all by herself, I decided she might like some company.

  I pulled up a chair next to her and sat down. She packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an apple in her brown paper sack. When I sat down she fidgeted a little in her chair. She was definitely shy.

  After about five silent, yet awkward minutes, I decide to break the quietness with a simple question that she wouldn't be too shy about answering.

  "So, I said, I talked to your brother on the bus." This brought her attention. "He said that you had the same kind of backpack as me. Is your favorite color pink too?"

 She nodded her head in agreement.

  "Cool. You know, I've seen Cassy pick on you a lot."

   She instantly turned her head away and started to eat her sandwich so she could have something to do with her hands instead of balling them up into fists like she wanted to punch Cassy.

   I noticed this and started back up again.

  "I wanted you to know that I see right through Cassie and that I'm on your side."

   This brought her attention back and she stared at me as if to question "really?." With that, the bell rang and lunch ended.




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