Runaway Bay

Stephanie Morrison is a normal 12 year old girl. She is a lover of horses. Stephanie leads a good life until her parents unexpectedly pass away in a ship accident. Now, her horse Blade has been sold to a slaughter company and Stephanie has an idea to escape her grandma's house. Stephanie comes across real big adventures, but will she emotionally survive the drama that comes with it? Read to find out.


2. .

  I sprint off towards the barn. As I'm running, I notice that Josie's black barn cat has been following me. It's  Midnight. She has always takin a liking in humans since we bottle fed her when she was little. Ugh. She was such an ugly, scrawny little kitten then. Midnight was dumped on our front door steps about seven months ago, and Josie thought that she was just too cute to leave outside. So, Josie brought Midnight in and bottle fed her. It was actually pretty cute to watch Josie holding a bottle up to a little baby kitten's mouth. Even though I wasn't fond of the cat because she peed everywhere in the house, it still made me happy to watch my  baby sister play with Midnight. Midnight ended up as a barn cat  because she wouldn't get litter boxed trained. Josie through a fit when Dad declared that Midnight needed to go outside before she ruined the house, but Josie finally settled down after a week when she realized that she could still see Midnight everyday. At least that's what Josie wanted everyone to think. I know the real truth why Josie didn't care anymore that Midnight was put outside. It's because Josie coaxes Midnight into her room, through her bedroom window every night. Josie's window faces the barn so it is easy for Midnight to get in. I found this out after the second week of Midnight staying outside when I heard a faint "meow" coming from Josie's room. When I heard the sound, I thought it was just Josie, but just to make sure, I opened the door  to Josie's room and sure enough the stupid cat was lying next to Josie on her bed. I shut the door quickly before Josie would hear me and wake up because really, I wasn't supposed to be that late up at night anyway. I creeped back to my room silently and closed the door behind me. Now Josie had her little secret and I had mine.

  I finally reached the white barn door and slid it open. I ran past the empty stalls and stopped at the second to last stall. I tiptoed silently to the very last stall and before I stepped in front of the metal gate, I jumped up and yelled "boo!" Blade got nervous and farted. I started rolling on the ground with laughter. Out of all the times I have snuck up on him, this is the first time that he had let out a big, nasty fart. I finally calmed down and stood up. I brushed the sawdust off of my faded blue jacket and jeans, and then opened the gate to his stall.

  "Sorry buddy." I said to Blade apologetically, "But it's never fun with out a good scare."

   Blade turned his right ear toward me and still eyed me suspiciously, but when I pulled an apple from my jacket pocket, he stumbled forward and snatched it from my hands.

  "Hey there, buster, now you be nice."

   As Blade munched on his apple, I walked up the isle and walked into the tack room which was the first stall on the left.

    "Hmmm. English or Western, English or Western?"

    I decided to pick up the English saddle since we needed more work on jumping and posting, and also grabbed a hoof pick and curry comb while I was at it. I carried my dark leather English saddle to Blades stall, and laid it down next to the gate. Blade nuzzled my arm as I walked into the stall and tied his halter up to the post on the wall. I picked up the curry comb and started to comb his sleek, brownish-blackish hair. I had to stand on my tippy toes in order to get the top of his back because Blade stood about seventeen hands tall and I only stood five feet.

  Bundles of his hair started to fall to the ground.

  "Wow Blade, you are really shedding bad."

  I moved on to his hoofs and started to pick out the dirt. Blade didn't particularly like his feet done, this I don't know why, but he would just have to deal with it. Tough.

   When I finally got him brushed, his hooves picked, and his saddle on, I lead him out to the outside arena which was adjacent from the barn. The arena was really just an old, wood fenced, rectangular pasture that had sand put into it, but it worked for Blade and I.

  I got out the green, plastic, stair shaped mounting block and mounted Blade. Blade fidgeted a little as I tightened the girth from my seat. I wasn't wearing my English clothes, so my boots caught the saddle every now and then, making it a little harder to ride.

  When I got done warming Blade up, I put him out on the rail and coaxed him into a posting trot. Blade jumped a little as I kicked him. He was definitely full of energy.

  As we rounded the corner, my forehead was dripping out of my black helmet with sweat. I decided to give him a break, and me, so I stopped him.

  "Whoa Blade!"

  He halted obediently as I tried to catch my breath. I decided that now was a good time to try and jump him.

  I kicked Blade into a canter. He refused at first, because he was tired, but as my heels dug into his sides, he decided to go.

  He jutted forward and as we cantered towards the jumping post, I let go of all my worries. Nothing could get between me, Blade or the wind. I am always free. Nothing matters anymore. Just worry about yourself. Don't worry about Cassy, or homework, or friends, or even school period. Blade is your only friend. He's the only one who trusts you. He is your best friend. He will never hurt you on purpose, or hurt you emotionally, or hurt you period, he believes in you...

  As we near the wooden jumping post, I rephrase this beautiful thought. Then I realize that Blade really is my only friend. It brought tears to my eyes to think about this. I mean, I love Blade, I just am kind of upset to get back to reality and admit that I don't have any human friends. And it's all because of Cassy. She's always spreading bad rumors about me in school. well, I'm going to put an end to this tomorrow.

  I snap back into the picture as Blade stumbles across a rock and gets off key. I try to control him, but it's too late. He makes an attempt to jump the post, but I'm not ready for it and I slide off of his back and land in the sand with a thud. My side aches as I try to stand up. I limp back over to Blade and grab the reins furiously. I know it's not his fault that I fell, but I ache with pain so much that I don't care who's fault it is.

  Blade jerks his head a little when I grab the reins. I lead him back into the barn and throw his English saddle and halter into the tack room. I limp back to the house. I think I'll have a big bruise tomorrow.

  When I walk into the house I make an attempt not to be so dramatic about it and sit down at the table. My plates sitting there with steaming macaroni, mashed potatoes, and pork on white bread. I dig in automatically. My mouth doesn't even stop to take a breath. I finally notice that nobody's in the kitchen with me. They probably ate their supper and then went to bed. I glance at the clock. 8:00. I still have an hour to kill, but I'm so sleepy that I think I'll just head to bed now.

  After I finish eating, I wipe my mouth with a blue napkin and then get up from my seat and walk down the lavender hallway to my room. Josie's room sits right across from mine and Mom and Dad's is at the end of the hall. The family room is outside all of our doors. It's the first thing you see when you walk down the hallway.

  I enter my purple room and slump down on my bed. I trace my zebra-patterned comforter. Across from my bed is my wooden dresser and bed. It's a rather small room, but that's what you're going to get when you have a simple one-storied house. I finally drift off and go into a deep, deep sleep   


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