Age is only a number

Chloe's a normal girl, who posting videos of her covers ongs on YouTube and on say Niall, from One Direction comments. They begin to talk, and soon Chloe and Niall starts to fall. Will they act or will the age be too much?


2. Prologue

Chloe's P.O.V...   

'Well, today's my first day of summer vacation.' it was my first thought waking up. quarter past 12 on a Monday afternoon. I smiled to myself then texted Hailey to see if she was up and almost immediately I got a reply.
  'Yeah, I'm up! My fucking brothers came in here at 9 fucking a.m! UGH!-Hailes' I laugh silently to myself then get out of bed thinking 'how does she deal with them?'
    I walk up stairs to the kitchen only to be greeted with a note. "Gone into the city for the day, left money in your purse, see you tonight lots of love-mom, Cass and Micah. Great!" I say tossing the note into the trash then picking up my phone and calling Hailey. 
   "Yes Chloe?" Hailey asked into the phone, obviously annoyed but I ignored it. 
   "Families out! Grab Emmie and Kenny and meet me here," I tell her in one breathe. I smile into the phone.
  "Clo, breathe and I'll be there in 10!" Hailey said hanging up the phone without a bye or see you soon. Normal Hailey. I think with a smile, my teeth still ugly as ever. 
   House all to myself. I look around then into the blackness of my phone screen and realize I need a shower so I run down the steps and into the bathroom grabbing a towel off the rack and turning the water on. I turn on the music on by my phone (One Direction, Demi Lovato, Little Mix, Skrillex, internet friends. That sorta stuff). I stripped to my birthday suit then stepped into the warm water. I stood there, letting the water wake me up. 
   When I feel I had the energy to pick up the shampoo, I grabbed my bedhead and squeezed some onto my hand then lathered it into my hair. I instantly smelled the strawberries. I then hear a lock turn and a door open. 
   "Chloe! We're here!" Emily yelled. I could imagine a smile on her face, waiting for a reply. We barely get to see each other now, ever since her mom, moved her and the family into the city, we're lucky we see each other once a month.
  "I'm in the shower!" I yell back, getting shampoo in my mouth. I spit it out making a face. Yuck. I hated getting shampoo in my mouth.
   Hailey's P.O.V...


  I sat down in the living room turning the t.v on only to discover Chloe had the first season Of Pretty Little Liars in the dvd machine on. Her and her movies, well more like shows. 

  "So, when are we going to tell her?" Emily asked me, referring to that one comment that will make Chloe Pee her pants...then have to take a cold shower.
  "When she out of the shower and dressed," I tell Emily. I've known Emily since we were kids, she moved back in grade 5 when I was in grade 6 but moved into the City a year later. 
  "I'll get the ear plugs ready," Kendra said taking her ear buds out of her pocket. 
We all heard the water stop, and some tumbling. I laughed knowing Chloe and her clumsiness. She probably fell out of the shower.
  "Yah Alright?" Kendra yelled out to her. She was Chloe's older cousin, and was always babying her like a little sister...or a 5 year old. Yeah a five year old.
  "I'm fine!" Chloe yelled back, a laugh in her voice. Chloe came out wearing shorts and a tank top on and sat down opposite me, next to Emily. 
  "We have something to tell you." Emily said excitedly. Me and Kendra glared at her. She knows how to get right down to a surprise.
  "What is it?" Chloe asked looking scared. Right the last time we said that, we told her we knew about her and whatever his name is.
  "One Directions' Niall Horan commented on your cover," Kendra said calmly, as if it were nothing.

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