Age is only a number

Chloe's a normal girl, who posting videos of her covers ongs on YouTube and on say Niall, from One Direction comments. They begin to talk, and soon Chloe and Niall starts to fall. Will they act or will the age be too much?


1. Bio

Name: Chloe Alexis Alicia Drew
Age: 13
Birthday: February, 24th, 2000
Favorite colours: Pink, Lime Green, Blue, and Black. 

Hey everyone it's me Chloe, but people call me Clo. I've lived with my mother since birth, just me and my mom up until I was 5-6 years old, then she got a boyfriend named Cass, her now boyfriend of 8 years, whom she has a child with named Micah. Now, enough about my lame family.
  I'm sort of obsessed with the band One Direction even though I know they'll never know I even exist, but well, there's hope? I have three best friends-Hailey, Kendra and Emily- 2/3 of them are directioners like me! I'm pretty much your average teenager, spend most my day hanging with my friends or on the internet. Messy room(Not!) and has my heart set on 1 (6) guys/ 
    I've been singing since I could remember, I didn't know I was any good until my friends and mother told me I was, so when I was around 10-11 years old I started posting videos on youtube, never got many views but y'know. I just wanted too see. 
     Well that's me, 
      boring Chloe Drew.
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
I'm not using my actual friends names for there privacy. 

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