~Immortal Emotions~

I can convince my mind that I don't love you, but the heart can't be fooled.


1. ~Immortal Emotions~

~Sitting on the rooftop

Listening to you go on

About the girl who stole your heart,

And the way she led you on.

~Striving to keep my emotions in control, 

I'd sit by you playing with my shoelaces.

As I'd hear you rant on and on

Of the wonders of her face.

~Would it be wrong,

To hope for a snowball's chance in hell?

To dream of the possibilities,

Of the day you'd come out of your shell?

~Your voice. Your words. 

Your smile. Your presence.

Was all it took to feel the butterflies,

And the beatings of my heart to complex.

~One look into those innocent onyx orbs,

Would cost me a thrill up my spine.

Churning the blood in my veins,

To label you as mine.

~But the fear of losing you

Kept my lips shut tight.

Afraid if I didn't,

You'd demolish our friendship's height.

~So I sat, quiet as a mouse

Enjoying your very existence

With my passion for you locked inside,

As a secret you'll never come to sense.

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