Why us? Oh that's right we're the world famous boy band!

One Direction dead? Suicide? Murder? None we got kidnapped!


3. Where are we!?

Harry's POV:

I woke up in a basement "Where am I!?" I said before the memories flashed back of last night. "Oh ya." I looked around and all I saw was Louis and Liam. I hope Gianna took Niall and Zayn to the hospital. Liam started waking up. "Where are we?" He said in a tired voice. "We got kidnapped remember.? Or should I say teenage napped!?" (Haha see what I did there) "Oh ya. And Harry this isn't a joking matter!!!" "Sorry" "Wait wheres Niall and Zayn?" Liam asked. "I think and hope Gianna actually had a heart for once and took them to the hospital." I said. Then Louis started to wake up. "Uuuuuugggggghhhhhhh" Louis grunted. "Where are Niall and Zayn?" Louis asked. "One more time I think and hope Gianna took them to the hospital." I said again. "Oh." Louis said tiredly. "Hey guys you know how most basements have tiny windows!?" Liam said. "Ya so...?" We both said. "There has to be a window that's covered up in here somewhere!" Liam said. "Oh ya. But how are we gonna find one we're tied up!!" Louis said. "Well I think I can slip out of my rope it's kinda loose!" Liam said. "Well, try!" I yelled. "I am, I am! Calm down!" Liam said. "Sorry I just want to get out of here!!" I said. "Got it!!" Liam said excitedly. "Yay! Now come and untie us!" Louis said. "Okay okay." Liam said. he untied Louis then me! "Kay now lets find that window!" I said. We started feeling the walls. "Guys I found something!!" Louis shouted. Liam and I ran to where Louis was standing.  "It's a door type thing!" Liam said. "Try to open it!" I shouted. "Open what!?" We heard. We all shot our heads around and Gianna was standing there! "BOYS'!!!!!! GET IN YOUR CHAIRS NOW!!!!!!" She shouted. We all ran to our chairs. She came and tied us up really tight I think my wrist is about to fall of! "Now boys' you know better! Now you are gonna get a huge punishment!" She said. 'Oh god' I thought. Then she left. "Oh god can't wait!" I said sarcastically. 

A/N: Oh no! What should their punishment be!? Sorry I haven't updated in like 3 years I totally forgot about this story! And I'm gonna write a new story soon, but I don't know what it's gonna be called. :/ Well, hope you like it!

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