Why us? Oh that's right we're the world famous boy band!

One Direction dead? Suicide? Murder? None we got kidnapped!


2. Out of all the boybands it couldn't have been The Wanted!

Liam's POV:

What the poop! This chick is PSYCHO!!!! She finally left and I'm starving! "Hey I'm starving!" I screamed trying to get Gianna's attention. It worked I heard foot steps outside the door! Then she walked in, "What do you want my Liam poo!?" "Uhh first please don't call me th-" "I CAN CALL YOU WHATEVER I WANT TO CALL YOU!!!!" "Ok I'm sorry!" "Now what do you boys' want?" "NANDOS YOU PSYCHOTIC FREAK!!!!" Niall yelled! "DO NOT YELL AT ME NO FOOD FOR YOU NIALL!!!!!! "What you are!" "Fine no food for all of you!" She said then left slamming the door. "Way to go Niall!" we all shouted. "Sorry she is though," "Yeah," we all said while nodding our heads. "But seriously it had to be us that got kidnapped!" Louis said "I know I mean why couldn't it have been The Wanted!" Agreed Zayn. What about Perrie Danielle and Eleanor!? "Guys what about the girls!" "Oh my god I hope they are okay! I havent heard from them in awhile!" Zayn said. "I'm sure they are fine but noffence WE HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS TO FACE RIGHT NOW! Like how we are trapped in a BASEMENT!!!" screamed Niall. Suddenly BAM! "OH MY GOD! NIALL ARE YOU OKAY!?!?" "I just fell out of a chair, I'm trapped in a basement, and I'm starving WHAT DO YOU THINK!?!?!?!?" We all started craking up laughing except Niall! He was trying to reach something infront of him and fell over in his chair and it's kinda hard to get back up when you're tied to the chair! So he just layed there! "GIANNA NIALL FELL OUT OF HIS CHAIR!!!" I screamed. Sooner or later she came in. "Ni what the heck!" she yelled and tried to help him up but he kicked her! "NIALL JAMES HORAN YOU DO NOT KICK ME!!!" she picked up a spare pole on the floor! "Gianna what are you doing? You don't want to do that trust me!" Zayn tried to get her not to do anything stupid with that pole! Suddenly WOOSH BAM!!! "OH MY GOD NIALL!" SHE HIT HIM IN THE HEAD WITH POLE AND HE PASSED OUT!!!! Good thing he wasn't bleeding! "WHAT THE FU-" BAM she hit Zayn on the back! She hit him so hard I heard his spine break in half!



A/N: EWW!!!!! But it's longer this time! Pooh I only have 1 <3! And 9 reads! Well I hope you like it so far! Post more ether tonite or tomorrow! No school tomorrow!

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