Why us? Oh that's right we're the world famous boy band!

One Direction dead? Suicide? Murder? None we got kidnapped!


1. Kidnapped?

Louis' POV

Me and the boys' were just sitting around Niall eating of course! The was a knock at the door, and nobody got up to answer it. So I finally got up to answer it. "Hello?" I said to the lady. "Hi Mr. Tomlinson! I am Gianna could you step outside for a moment please?" Gianna said. "Sure?" I stepped outside and closed the door stupid idea! Well I turned around to face her and she was gone! "Umm Gianna?" I felt someone put a rag on my nose. I tried to turn around but got really dizzy and passed out. 


 I woke up in a basement! And all the other boys' were around me still passed out. Soon Niall woke then Zayn then Liam and last but not least Harry. "Where are we? I didn't get to finish my hot dog!" Whined Niall. "I think we're in a basement," answered Zayn. "And Niall really we're in trouble and all you worry about is your hot dog!?!?!?" "Hello boys'! I see all of you are awake!" suddenly I see Gianna walking through the basement door! "You're the one who did this!?" yelled Harry. "Well duh" she answered. "Why?" "Duh you're kinda my favorite band! See look around you!" I turned around and all I saw were posters of me! Then I looked at the boys' and behind them were posters of them! Like we're sitting in our flats! Even pictures I've never seen paparazzi take! She is officially our stalker! oh god what are we going to do!?






  A/N: Sorry not a long chapter but first I want to see if you like it! Oh and Gianna is the girl on the cover just incase you were wondering! Hope you liked it! I'll post more tomorrow!

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