Think Before You Act

Natasha and her friend Camilla are the shy girls of their school. When famous band Go Around comes to their school for a surprise visit Natasha is in for a treat! But,two of the band members don't get along very well... and Natasha is upset Will they ever be friends again? What has Luca (a band member) been keeping from Natasha all this time?


3. Chapter 2

Camilla's POV

I stood their staring into Nicks gorgous deep blue eyes as hae cut the strawberries. I asked him how he got the career in singing and he said,

" Well at first i worked at my fathers resturant. It was a singing resturant were the waitors sing songs for the customers.My dad made me lip sync and i wasnt all that good at it. I was too shy to sing at the time and i wasnt a people person." Hewent on  and on about how he took guitar lessons and finally got the confidence to sing. "Do you want here a joke?" He said out of the blue.

"Um sure..." I said not really wanting to hear one

"Why did the hunter cross the road?"

"Why...?" I sid just to get to the answer.


"OK OK fine to get to the other side"

"No! To get to the chicken on the other side"  He jumped out of his chair laughing! "That one never gets old!"

"Yeah... Haha..."  Just when Nick recoverd from his mini panic attack the bell rang.

"FREEDOMMMMM!!!!!!" Mrs. Robinson yelled. I packed up and got a napkin to wipe my face free of any dessert crums we had.

"HEYYYYY!!!! WHATS UP CARAMELLLLL!!!" Startled by Nicks imediate outburst i jumped up and said

"You weirdo" I slaped him playfully in the arm.

"Ouch charlie that really hurt..." He sniffed a few times and the lasgt one was a snort. We made our way to the doors for the buses and nick disappeared into the closet for his consert for tonight. "Goodbye sweet sweet caramel" he fake sniffed a few times.

"Bye Nick! See you tonight!!"

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