Think Before You Act

Natasha and her friend Camilla are the shy girls of their school. When famous band Go Around comes to their school for a surprise visit Natasha is in for a treat! But,two of the band members don't get along very well... and Natasha is upset Will they ever be friends again? What has Luca (a band member) been keeping from Natasha all this time?


2. Chapter 1

Natasha's POV

I was walking into school this morning seeing girls hoarded in the hallway like sewer rats. What was everyone waiting for? I searched for my friend Camilla and trying not to look foolish while doing so. I soon bumped into her and i asked,

"What's everyone waiting for?" She replied back saying,

"Go Around is comming to our school for a month!! They are taking a tour in Seattle and they still need to go to school."

"So we will get a posible chance of meeting them?"

"Only if they are in the same classes as us then yes" We couldnt tell if Go Around had arrived yet since the girls wouldn't stop screaming and crowing the hallway. They couldve been anywere!!

"Ok Act normal when they come ok" I mentioned to Cammy but she was too busy talking to this other girl right next to us. I pulled Camilla to the back so we wouldnt get noticed. We were two very shy girls. "I mean I dont even know what they look like they can be anywere. Do you Cammy?" Her eyes widened llike frozen raindrops. A cold hand touched my shoulder and i looked up to see the hottest boy i had ever seen. He certinly did not go to our school.

"Well" He said "Now you probably know what Go Around looks like" he smiled and winked and soon enough the fan girls were comming our way. Camilla and i ran like our life depended on  it.

"Oh my gosh" Camilla stated "Oh my gosh"

"We need to stay calm just like we walked in here with out seeing you know who."

Act normal act normal" Camilla muttered to herself

"It's ok lets get to class" 8th period finally came and it was my favorite subject, Cooking class!!

"Today we will be starting our cooking project but before we get into that i need to introduce you to five boys who you will be working with this month." Mrs. Robinson stated. She game the come in hand motion and backed away for them to talk.

"Hello everybody were Go Around!" They all said. "You probably already know who we are but if not let us introduce ourselves.

"I'm Henry"

"I'm Nick"

"I'm Peter"

I'm Logan"

"And i'm Luca!" He was the handsome guy i met before.

"Thank you boys! As you may or maynot know Go Around is going to be here in our 8th period class for the rest of the month." Mrs. Robinsons big mouth called out. "Now for our groups, Camilla and Nick..... Natasha and Luca....." Wait did she just say Natasha and Luca? I was being paired up with Luca!! We started off cutting strawberries. Luca wasnt doing it right and he was going to get hurt with the knife. I took it out of his cold hands and gave him a nod. We didnt talk much and he looked impressed. i waasnt trying to impress him or anything it was just that i knew what i was doing.

"You try" I said and handed the knife to him. He wasnt holding it properly so i grabed his hand and positioned it correctly. I glidded his hands through the strawberries and i finally let go. He was pretty good once he got the good grip he caught me staring and i blushed and turned away.

"Impressed eh?" I nodded still a bit shy. We finshed up putting the chocolate on it and then rolled it in the dough. we baked it and it came out perfectly. we ate it quickly and the exited class.  "I really enjoyed that class Natasha!"

"I did too!" He took off my glasses. "Luca i cant see any-" I was interupped when i felt something hit my my cheek. Luca had kissed my cheek. It was sad knowing i was never going to have a chance with him because he already has a girlfriend. He put my glasses back on and walked off into a closet that i never knew was their. I was going to see him in the concert tonight him and his band were performing after school so i took the elevator up to my dorm room and got ready for the rest of my night.




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