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Kim Jasper is the looser girl that people tease in the hallways, but she is a strait "A" student is never tardy, and all the teachers love her. Until one day she meets Louis Tomlinson from onedirection, and her whole life changes........


4. My life changes

So one typical boring Monday, I was walking to my boring locker, in the boring hallway, in my boring outfit. Mondays are BORING!  Until this Monday. As I walk I hear all the girls scream, and are like " OMG IT'S THEM!" Or " CATCH ME I WILL FAINT!"  I was wondering what all the EXCITMENT was on a BORING Monday!?!?!?!? I walked over to the crowd of squealing girls and saw a group of pretty hot guys. They looked very familiar. Had I seen them on TV? then it hit me. O MI DOUBLE GOSH! THAT'S ONE DIRECTION!!! and oh my word there was very gorgeous Louis Tomlinson, that I had on my wall. He must have caught my eye and he came and walked STRAIT TOWARDS ME!!! At this Kiley's eyes flashed with anger and pure hate. I had to snicker at her reaction! Her IDOL was making GOOGELY EYES AT LOOSER KIM!!!! he walked with such grace, and said hello, in such an adorable way! I stuttered the words "uhhhh umm hi?." He laughed in a devious way. " do you want to walk to class with me?" He said his eyes twinkling. " uhh sure," I said stupidly then quickly said " course love too!" I was beaming, practically BOUNCING down the hall. Then Lizzy saw me and had her mouth touching the ground as she stared in awe. Then she quickly smiled and said she would see me in History. Louis was staring at me the whole time. "What is your  name?" "Kimberly, but call me Kim or Kimmy." " cute name, or should i say nameS" he joked.  I blushed and thought " we'll it's kinda common," but really if he liken MY name, then well m life has officially become amazing. He walked me to math and said "bye Love!" OMG did he just say LOVE  OMG OMG!!! I couldn't focus in math and m

Mr. Jones got all crabby with me. I couldn't wait for lunch to come! I needed to tell Riley, and Hannah, and Liz about what happens! Finally and I say FINALLY lunch arrived..........

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