At first site

Kim Jasper is the looser girl that people tease in the hallways, but she is a strait "A" student is never tardy, and all the teachers love her. Until one day she meets Louis Tomlinson from onedirection, and her whole life changes........


7. My house

" do you want to go in my car, or do you want the address of my house?" I questioned. " I'll go with you," he said flashing his crooked smile. He came in the PASSENGER seat! " soooo" I said awkwardly " what do you wanna do when we get to my house?" " hmmm" he smiled " how about homework and also let's study for that English test." "Sounds great!" I piped. " do you wanna go for ice cream after? My treat" "sure". We arrived at my little house, and he walked in. "Ae you an only child?" He asked "What? Heck to the no! The other kids just aren't home yet!" I said totally surprised. He thought I was an only child?!? " how many siblings do u have?" He asked probaly thinking about 1 or 2. " uhh 5" "FIVE SIBLINGS?!?!" He asked clearly shocked. " uh huh, I'm the oldest." "Wow,that must be stressful!" "Ya it is" I said! "When can I meet your parents?" He said " umm you can meet my dad at probaly 6, and my step-mom at 4" I said casually. When I said my 'stepmom' a confused, and weirded look crossed his face, then he said " are your parents divorced?" I was silent. I was shocked, cuz I had nothing to say but "no"         "Uhhh.... Um so lets get started on homework!" He quickly responded covering up his mistake. "Uhh ya" after about an hour Penny, and Jake and Mitchell came home from their school,  Lakesford indermetiet. Then  Kacey and Mark, just out away their bikes and came in. When Penny came in her reaction was priceless! She was like. " ooooh Kimmy has a boyfriend who is he?!?!" Giggling, then she stopped, and her blue eyes that my father has bugged out, and her jaw was hanging open, and OMG it was hilarious! "IS THAT LOUIS FROM ONE DIRECTION!?!? UR DATING LU BEAR AND U DIDN'T TELL ME!?!? " she screeched at me. "Chill out! We're just doing homework, then going out for ice cream!" I said in my defense. "Seems like a date to me." Muttered Jake. " oh u hush up! " I said " and do your homework! All of you guys! Get to it!" I said clearly embarrassed. " I was kind of hoping it was a date..." Louis said, his eyebrows raised, and that million dollar smile on. "Ohhh, um well you know, uh kids, they um get the uh wrong iii-idea." I stuttered, blushing madly. "So love," he said in his cute accent. " let's go to Baskin Robins!" "Ok" is all I said. I was really excited........

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