At first site

Kim Jasper is the looser girl that people tease in the hallways, but she is a strait "A" student is never tardy, and all the teachers love her. Until one day she meets Louis Tomlinson from onedirection, and her whole life changes........


3. My house life


My life isn't too easy. I have to come home, do the house chores homework, prepare snacks for the younger kids. While Julian gets her nails done, with her Daddy's money, that he can't give to her family. And she goes and does her hair etc. My poor dad busts his butt, working on roofs. He works for a company, that pays decent. But not as much as Lizzy's family has. After everything I do, I pass the work off to Jake or Penny, so I can do my 2 hour shift at Burger King. I usually come home at ten or nine thirty, and sleep. That's my week. Until the weekend, now that is heaven. That is my life basically, until............

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