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Kim Jasper is the looser girl that people tease in the hallways, but she is a strait "A" student is never tardy, and all the teachers love her. Until one day she meets Louis Tomlinson from onedirection, and her whole life changes........


6. Louis again



I saw "HIM" in English. He stared and stared at me. I felt myself blush about a kazillion times. Then I got a letter from. Louis. Tomlinson.! I opened it up and read "hey, Louis here, do u wanna go for ice cream after school?" " ya totally" I scribbles down OH NO! I have to take care of the house! " actually, can u come to my house for ice cream? I can't go out, today to busy, P.S. my house is a little cra cra!" Then i tossed it over. He grinned his million dollar grin and nodded. Once again, I can not pay attention and class! I scribbled " can't wait to c ya! <3" Mrs. Farmerson saw. Uh oh.  " Kim, it is not like you to share notes, well now, may I read the notes?" " uhh sure" I mumbled, my face turning red. She READ THE NOTES OUT LOUD! I heard Taylor Delatta snicker, til she realized I was going to be going " out " with Louis. She glared back at me her dark hair flying around. She had the same look of her " Bestie" Kiley.  Her friendly blue eyes turned into and evil storm, wanting to take me under and drown me. I had to laugh at the thought. Taylor wrote down a few things to me " why r u steeling Louis from ME?!"  I read. " oh Taylor, Taylor Taylor Taylor" I sketched. " sometimes populatarity and rudeness, doesn't get u anywhere and BTW Louis made the first move, so tough up!" I was surprised to see myself write something like that, but if Louis wanted to b with me, I should stand up for me and him. She read the note, and her eyes turned into wicked slits, her blue storm eyes turning gray, and her overly plucked eyebrows knit in the middle. I had NEVER seen ms. Popular "Tay Tay" like this! I showed Louis the notes and he just laughed. Did he really like me? I wondered. Why didn't he like someone popular? "RING RING RING!" Yes! Time for Louis to come to my house! I can't wait..................

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