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Kim Jasper is the looser girl that people tease in the hallways, but she is a strait "A" student is never tardy, and all the teachers love her. Until one day she meets Louis Tomlinson from onedirection, and her whole life changes........


1. Intro

I'm Kim, you know, that kid that's really smart but only has about 3-4 friends? That's me. I'm the oldest, of 6 children. Yes I am aware it's  a lot! Here's my family:

Me (Kim) 17

Penny 14 (twins) 

Jake 14 (twin with Penny)

Mitchell 11

Kacey 8

Mark 6

large family, eh?! But our life isn't to easy. We have a small 1 story house.  Me and Penny share a cute little room, Jake and Mitchell share a room, and Kacey and Mark share another room. Then of course my dad and step-mom.  My mom died about 3 years ago, and my poor father tries so hard, to keep our family together. But then my step mom, Julian came along. All us kids despite her! But of course when she batts her mascara coverd eyelashes, my dad is at her command! It sickens me. Well let me tell you how my life changed.............

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