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Kim Jasper is the looser girl that people tease in the hallways, but she is a strait "A" student is never tardy, and all the teachers love her. Until one day she meets Louis Tomlinson from onedirection, and her whole life changes........


2. High school

I go to Lakesford High. As  walk down the hall, I hear, " oh look it's looser girl Kimmy!" Or "watch out don't let Kim's ugliness rub off on you!" But it's not like I'm ugly or anything. I have light brown caramel colored hair, that comes a little higher than my waist, big round eyes, that are the same olive green as my mother's, and I have thick lashes, a little splash of freckles covering my nose. I am very petite, and have kind of a paleish glow on my skin. I use to wear very thick lenses with a black frame, but I switched to contacts, so I have to blink alot, and its hard getting use to them. All the teachers love me, probably because my lowest grade was a C on a test I had taken absoultely no notes on. But other than that I'm a nerd. My best friend, Elizabeth is the prettiest girl I probably know! Even prettier than all the popular girls! She has gorgeous curls, and ringlets that come to her bra strap, that are a beautiful auburn color, she has a perfect tan, and small eyes with thick long lashes. She has blue eyes the color of the sky, on a sunny day, literally! She has a really good figure too. But not that much boys like Lizzy. Because she is sorta like me. But I'm WAY more of a geek than Lizzy! She has been my best friend since the 2nd grade! I have a couple other friends, Rylie has dark strait hair, with almond shaped eyes that are a coco brown. And also Hannah. She has wavy, kind of frizzy blond hair. It comes a little past her chin. She also has green eyes, but some brown in them. Those are my friends. That's it. They are very rich, unlike me. All the popular girls tease and taunt me. Kylie will see me and say something along the lines of," that's a pretty outfit, Kim, it draws attention away from your face!" Of course she doesn't have to worry about being teased. She has strait blond hair, and a flawless face, that glows. She has hazel eyes, and cakes mascara on her eyelashes. 

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