The Slender Man

A poem about Slenderman.


1. The Slender Man

My mother once told me,

Of this man

Cloaked in black with no visible face,

And claimed he lived in a far away land

But she had lied,

Maybe for my own protection,

I knew of her sins,

When I became his next obsession

My head would start to hurt,

And I'd forget where I was,

My nose would stream red,

For no cause

Then came the encounters, 

That I remember to this day,

When he'd stare at me for minutes,

Looking like a perfect work of clay

'What do you want?', 

I'd eventually cry,

Then he'd leave,

With no trace of his pry

On that fateful night I ran into the woods,

Hair and eyes wild,

Flashes of brown leaves,

And sounds of branches being crumpled

'What do you want?,

I cried at him one last time,

He cocked his head,

And gave me no reply

We stood like that for minutes,

Wind howling around us,

Trying to figure out who would give up first,

And relieve us

Finally he extended a white pale hand,

And stepped into the moonlight so I could see,

A gasp escaped my lips,

As I stared at the monster in front of me

I screamed and cried,

But I didn't run,

I knew that I should,

But that'd ruin this man's fun

So that night he murdered me,

With no thought or remorse,

Stabbing me through the chest,

Like my brother did to my favorite stuffed horse

My mother lied to me,

He did not live in a far away land,

He was always much closer,

He is the slender man

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