True love?

A girl names Sammy hates everyone sept for her only two friends Joe and Kim. They had a good time at a club but then Sammy bumped into a cute Irish boy:)!!!


1. First day 4 summer

Sammy's pov


So I was getting ready for the club when I heard a know on my door. Hey let's go to the club Kim said. Ok let's go. .............................. When we got there I saw the most cutest boy ever! He was staring at me in the cutest way ever. I started dancing. He came up to me. Hey babe you look good girl. He was Irish it was so easy to tell in his voice. Heart attack by Demi lovoto came on. I love this song I said. He grabbed my hand and started dancing with me. I wanted to say something but I was too busy looking at his beautiful blue eyes. He pulled me away from the dance floor and we went to the bathroom. I asked him what are we doing? He then said let's go to your place please I would love to. We then went to my house. I opened the front door and he pulled me away and kisses me. I kiss back. Then the next morning I woke up in my bad with Niall naked on my naked body. Niall I have a question can we live together forever love each other cause I know I love you!!!?!!

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