You Again!

Jen is a teenager who just lost the love of her life and is scared to death on what might happen next. She ran away from home one summer ago and runs in to some unwanted help along the way!


2. There is always a second chance

Niall pov

I started to shake the door it would not open. I ran back to my house and got the screw driver and a few other tools. I got to the shed and pried the door open. There sat a girl with gorgeous blond hair and big green eyes full of fear. I started to approach but she just threw something at me. It hit me in the knee I collapsed in pain and got up, when I realized she was gone. Did I do something. I remembered her green eyes they looked like Harry's but that was It. Iran after her and saw a guy in a hood trying to get her. I ran up and winked at him and "punched" him he walked away with his hands on his nose. I told her I wouldn't hurt her and took her home.


Jen's pov

i followed him to a small apartment and he made dinner for us and with that I dosed off maybe there is a second chance of love here!


i woke up still in his arms and started to shake he woke up with a concerned look on his face I just could not think about my love life without Dylan's death coming back I started to cry.

"Are you alright love?" He asked I nodded in response 

"what is your name he asked

"Jen,  yours"

"Niall" with that I kissed him, I pulled away quickly I can't fall in love or can I ? 

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