You Again!

Jen is a teenager who just lost the love of her life and is scared to death on what might happen next. She ran away from home one summer ago and runs in to some unwanted help along the way!


1. Did he find me???

The sun blinded me through the empty shack. I did not want to wake up, something was holding me back so I stayed put.  The  morning was rising and I was still tired but I forced myself to stay awake in hopes of a hero. I should get out of here before he finds. I thought but I stayed. Has I started to dose off when I remembered my awful memory 

Flash back:

" get your ass down here before we are late you know how I hate to be late" Dylan said angrily 

I stormed down the steps" it is better to be late then ugly" I whispered the next part " you unsesisitive dick" 


"Are you ready"  I love the guy I do but he can be a total dick I texted Chelsea and automatically deleted the text

We arrived at the party and started to dace as soon as we got there.

"quit dancing and go get drinks!" Yelled Dylan every one new how pissed off he was at me we just got out of an argument I mean we were just that couple. We always make up in the end.

i got the drinks and gave them out. The clock twirled around to 3:00am and I was completely smashed but not that smashed. I felt myself being pulled in to the yard and I knew it was not Dylan cause I sall him sitting on the couch in the living room. I was pulled in to the back yard and laid on the ground. He started to kiss me. Sad to say it felt amazing.  Are lips moved together in perfect unison! Over the kiss I herd " what the hell do you think you are doing" our lips unattached and Dylan came running after the boy. I watched as he pulled out a knife I tried to stop Dylan but I was paralyzed in fear. Dylan collapsed, he was dead. The last words he said was"hold her back don't let her run after him" he never spoke again. I fell to the bloody ground in tears I lost the love of my life.

as the boy left he said 3 words " I'll find you"

back to reality:

it has been a year since Dylan died and since I have been hiding out in a shack in my town praying he will never find me.

the door started to move I covered my mouth so I could not scream.

did he find me? 




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