they cant know about us

skylar bloom also known as sky has just moved from Canada to a small town in england where what ever you do,the people of the town will find out.when your new to this town all you try to do is fit in and not be seen with the wrong crowd but for sky this might be difficult when she developes feeling for a certain boy. it dosent matter how many times her mother has told her to stay away from the bad boys she just cant stop her feelings about them.


9. chapter 9

as we all step into the house the music boomed making it hard to hear anything else. i look around and see faith wasn't kidding about the girls wearing less clothes then her because the majority of them were wearing what seemed like bras and shorts that looked more like underwear. we step further in and i look at faith to see a smile on her face "so how about a drink?" she asks guiding us to the kitchen, i shake my head,no "Sabrina?" she questions " no thanks." she responds, faith groans grabbing the clear liquid and pouring it into  a red plastic  cup "you guys are no fun." she says and I shrug, "hey I never wanted to be here." I defend, "well if you have s drink maybe you will want to be here." faith suggests, "one drink wont hurt you or your little perfect image." she says "ya well i don't want to risk it." I say " i bet all the people here have a bad reputation." Sabrina adds. "you'd be surprised of how many of these people are  teachers pets. Like that girl over there." faith says pointing to a tall brunette wearing only her bra and booty shorts, "that's Kimberly Evans, she is one of the smartest in our school. everyone in our town sees her as a good girl but every weekend she comes to these parties and that happens." she says glancing over at her and i look over to see her and a guy grinding on each other "that's her boyfriend...i presume?" i question, faith glance over him "nope." she states "so the town sees her as an angel? how is that possible?" i ask "because the teens here don't care about what anyone else does. if the adults were here or parents they would, they would put names on the people who had a bit too much fun. you may think this town is screwed up but really the only screwed up thing about this town is, the adults." faith says with a frown. I look around the room once more scanning the faces of people, they all looked like they were having a great time. no one was looking at each other judging  instead they all were as crazy as the others. in that very moment i finally saw what faith saw in these parties, a chance to be yourself. no one to hold you back instead you were surrounded by people who influenced you to loosen up, i mean the lack of clothes i guess is just a symbol of rebellion? as i scan the faces one more time i finally see actual real people, a girl who is always told no because of her wild ideas, a boy who try's so hard to please his parents but every Friday for one night he can stop trying and be crazy and a uptight girl who cares too much about what people think, she try's to be perfect but shes not. she beats herself up for her mistakes and she is never herself instead she is hidden deep inside a short, brunette girl, and that girl is  me. i look back at the bottle of vodka and then at the people "pass me a cup."i say strongly to faith, "aw cutting loose now?" faith questions, i nod my head as she passes me the red cup. i stare at it for a minute before taking it in my  small hands. this was my first time drinking alcohol. i wasn't sure how to feel about it as i downed the first cup cringing at the burn in m throat. faith claps her hands as i put the cup back on the table. i look to Sabrina to see a disappointed expression etched on her face "what?" I ask her, " I thought you would accompany me with not drinking." she sighs "Sabrina, its not like im drunk or anything" I say and she sighs." Sabrina why don't you just have like half a cup?" faith offers, Sabrina shakes her head " I really don't want to drink."  she says a bit uncomfortable. that one drink didn't do much to me, I still felt uneasy about this whole party, so I pour more vodka in my cup and gulp it down already used to the burn. "go sky!" faith smiles brightly and I laugh a bit, "both of you shouldn't be drinking, you guys are underage." Sabrina states a bit off, "what do you have against it?" I ask "ya what is this your first drink or something?" faith adds, I watch as Sabrina doesn't react to faiths words. "this is my first time drinking." I blurt out and faith laughs "I see two cups of vodka effect you." faith says, I chuckle "im fine. I can see straight and I haven't done anything crazy." I respond and faith smiles and pours herself another drink. while walking to the living room and we follow her. "I have some people I want to introduce you to." faith smiles as she guides us to a group of guys ad girls who look maybe about a year older then us. "guys." faith greets them, they look at faith then at Sabrina and I, "These are my friends sky and Sabrina. sky and Sabrina these lovely people are troy, sawyer and  Jenna." she introduces pointing at each of them. troy had short dark brown hair that looked like  black in this dim light, he had an eyebrow and lip piercing, his eyes were  green a bit like Harrys but not as lively , sawyer had black hair that was in a quaff, his eyes were icy blue and a smirk was on his face, and I could see some designed ink under his white v neck and jenna had a nose ring with pink hair  that was in a ombre style and her eyes were a deep brown. we all take a seat on the floor with them and I smile at each of them. "so what cliché thing are we talking about this week?" faith asks smoothly "how much have you had to drink?" troy asks her, "enough to make me just a tad crazy." she says leaning on him and he laughs "so where's zayn and the boys?" sawyer asks his voice rough and dare I say it, extremely hot( I think the alcohol is getting to me) "they told me their not coming." faith says and they all nod "to bad." Jenna says. "alright so what should we play?" sawyer asks "how about beer pong?" jenna suggests and I feel sabrna tense up beside me. troy nods his head to the suggestion and everyone looks at Sabrina and I. i know this is stupid of me to think but im determined to win this game and not miss a shot so i nod my head confidently. Sabrina stands up " i cant do this." she says and i stand up too, "what do you mean?" i ask her grabbing her wrist so she wont start walking away, "i..i just cant." she says with pleading eyes, "Sabrina come on let loose." i tell her and she shakes her head " im not doing this again." she says while shaking my hand off her wrist and running outside. i look at faiths friends staring back at me "i'l be right back." i say and run after Sabrina. i spot her "Sabrina wait!" i call to her, she turns around. "what was that inside?" I ask her "sky, long story short I used to drink and lots of problems happened because of that.  I am determined not to get in the wrong crowd again and those people were the bad crowd." she says and its hits me like a ton of bricks that the people faith introduced me to were people my mother would classify as the wrong crowd, the group she has always told me to stay away from. "im worried about you sky. I never thought of you as a drinker or someone who hangs out with people like that." she sighs "im not like them, not at all. however tonight I just want to have a good time." I say "take this from me, you don't need drinks to have fun or stupid drinking games also." Sabrina states "can you tell me exactly what happened between you and alcohol?" I ask "few years back I drank a lot and had a lot of problems." she pauses thinking over what to say "il tell you someday latter." she says "how are you getting home?" I ask "my dads picking me up." she smiles, I nod. I give her a hug and then walk back into the house to see the game of beer pong set up. when I reach faith and her friends I see them staring at something behind me with wide grins. I turn around to see harry and his friends and my eyes widen, I turn to faith. "you told me they weren't coming!" I panic just a bit " I thought they weren't." she says innocently but something in her voice sounded off, she didn't say it in her normal smooth tone, as she said this her eyes looked everywhere expect me and it clicked "did you lie to me about them not being here?" I ask her, her eyes widen proving my theory " I thought so." I said running my hands through my hair. "faith I don't want to be here if their here." I say a bit annoyed, "come on sky, who cares? one night can you at least just tolerate them. Please."she begs, but I stand my ground "no I don't want to be in the same room as harry! you know what he said to me! I cant tolerate him and you know that!" I raise my voice unable to stop it. "if you were my friend, you wouldn't of lied to me about them! why would you do that?" I ask, faith sighs "I told harry I would get you come tonight and I knew the only way would be to lie." "I cant believe you! did he also tell you to get me to drink!" I say the last sentence with sarcasm and I watch faiths nervous eyes, "o my god! you were trying to get me to drink so when they came I would be fine! what were you trying to do, get me to hook up with harry!" I yell and storm  out the door, flustered. I don't know where I was planning on going but I was sure I was getting away from that house and that party. as I was about to push through the crowds to get  off the lawn a hand grabbed my wrist, and I instantly screamed . I turn my head to meet the eyes of Mr. harry styles, the devil himself. "god you didn't have to scream." he complains " oh im sorry that someone at a party full of drunks grabbed my wrist and I screamed." I reply sarcastically. " I heard your whole fight with faith. I didn't tell faith to get you drunk so I could sleep with you." he says seriously " I highly doubt that. your a fricken player, that's what you do. you charm girls into sleeping with you and I wont be just another name on your long list!" I snap and he pulls my body close to his and I can smell the liquor on his tongue" listen to me!" he demands tightening the grip on my wrist almost making it hurt"let go of me!" I yell,  but all he did was bring me closer to his body so there was no space between us and he tightens his grip again. "harry stop!" I yell trying to move my wrist from his harsh grip, "harry your hurting me!" I say and as im about to  bring my hand to his face, he catches it, "not this time." he says the venom clear in his voice. " your such a dick dick!" I spit and he just stares at me "I wasn't trying to get you in bed with me! Skylar, I like you a lot more then girls I have hooked up with. sure I would love to hear you moan my name in bed but I will hold off." he smirks "you ass, you cocky, stupid ass." I growl at him full of hatred. "come on sky, lets just go back in the house." he says trying to seem sweet and gentle while pulling me, " no! get away harry!" I yell as I try and move my wrist again. I pull and pull but it does nothing, "please harry, stop!" I say so frustrated im almost in tears but I wont cry. I wont give him the power of my tears, because if I do that he knows he's in charge." harry, I just want to go home." I sigh, he smiles "il drive you." he says while beginning to pull me to his car "no ,no, no." I say sternly but it doesn't stop him, he puts his mouth to my ear, his warm breath tickles my neck, "come on." he whispers and nibbles at my ear which makes me extremely uncomfortable, "harry stop." I say "no Skylar bloom, I don't care what you say because your mine." he says and that's when I realize he is drunk, because in that sentence he slurred his words. "harry your drunk." I state "I didn't drink that much." he replays. as he's about to rest  his left hand on my bum I say "I swear to god harry if you lay a hand on me again I will literally kill you." I say and a smirk appears on his face "harry, she said leave her alone." a Irish voice says behind me. I turn around to see Niall "niall this doesn't concern you! Harry barks back, "harry come on just let her go. your being a real ass right now." he sighs and harry lets go of my wrist and goes up to niall. I know this is my chance to run but i am too curious about what's going to happen. harry steps over to niall his height towering him, "niall why don't you get the hell out of here." harry demands and niall shakes his head standing straight "dude just stop harassing the poor girl." he states "why?" harry asks with s smirk on his face "you never stopped me before, why now?" harry asks "because im sick of you screwing with girls all the time!" niall says raising his voice,then suddenly harry throws a fast hard punch at niall and it becomes a fight.  i don't want to watch this, i hated fights, i hated them so much, but i didn't know what to do. niall throws a punch back at harry but it barley effects him as he throws continuous punches at niall. i watch as niall crumples to the floor and that's when i know i have to do something. " both of you stop!" i yell loudly as i walk up to harry and niall and attempt to get between them. it wasn't the smartest idea because harry was still full on rage and in all the adrenaline he had, I felt harry forcefully   pushed me to the ground but i quickly recovered "harry stop." i say pushing him a bit and he looks at me, his eyes filled with sorrow. "Skylar, im sor-" he starts but i cut him off "its fine." i say and begin to help niall up.


hello everyone!!! hopefully this was a decent chapter.  i wanted to tell you guys that i really hope you guys are enjoying, and this movella isn't too bad.  if you guys have any feedback about this please leave it in the comments because i would love to know your thoughts and predications on what you think will happen. alright that's all for now! have a lovely day


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